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Help Diagnosing Air Ride Issue


New Member
Sep 8, 2021
Truck Year
I have done a lot of reading on this site and others about the air ride system and it's issues. It seems that all the threads about it are focused on cold weather related issues. I live in central Texas and have not had any issues related to the cold. Hopefully there is someone out there that can help me figure out the most probable reason for my issues. I don't want to just drop it back off at my dealer and be out a vehicle for another 6 weeks. They seem to not be very well versed in air ride repairs.

A little backstory: I am a year into owning this truck (2015 EcoDiesel Laramie Longhorn) and have been very happy until the last few months. During drives, the rear suspension would drop to the bump stops and feel like a wagon on the Oregon Trail. Long story short, it sat at a dealer for two weeks and had the compressor replaced (said it was burned up), the front driver spring assembly replaced (had a leak) and the line from the valve block to the rear driver spring replaced (had a leak). I picked it up and it gave me a whole new list of error messages and started having the same issues. So I took it right back. Never even made it home from the dealer before calling them and turning back. They diagnosed it for a week, then found out the rear shocks were aftermarket and were not the right parts and were too short, thus limiting its ability to reach normal rear ride height in the rear... 4 weeks later and the shocks came in and got replaced. Truck acted a little weird the first couple of days after getting it back but it rode better than when I first got it. I have Aero mode disabled because that seemed to cause it to go haywire on drives still. The truck did great for about a week or so.

Now, two weeks after picking it up, the truck seems to just randomly adjust itself on the drivers side only while driving and parked. Now it will consistently lower all the way down on the drivers side while parked and turned off. I replaced the drivers front and rear ride height sensors myself and it just seems to have made it more finicky. The passenger side almost never changes in position unless raising and lowering the truck via the ride height buttons inside. I am about to order new sensors for that side as well. Since they are relatively cheap and easy to install myself and it will eliminate the question of the part being bad.

After reading everything I could find on these air ride systems, I feel as though it is either the control module under the front seat or the valve block itself having issues. the system holds pressure, but it seems as though it is either getting bad ride height data (from bad sensors), or it is having issues processing the data (the ASCM is bad), or the valve block is faulty and can't do what it is being told to do with the info from the ASCM.

Are there any techs on this forum that can help me pinpoint or at least try to point the dealership in the right direction? With all the work they've done so far, I would hope they'd be able to figure this out since there are only a couple parts that haven't been replaced yet. Is there a procedure for resetting the air ride system other than holding the raise and lower buttons (that has never done anything for me)? Will disconnecting the battery for an hour do any good now with the new sensors? Is there a software update that I should check for?