Intake manifold cleaning

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New Member
Jan 24, 2019
Truck Year
So I felt pretty defeated today, I pull apart everything that needed to get pulled apart to get at the manifold and that one bolt that’s at the that’s hiding behind the turbo elbow was an absolute pain because I stripped that one bolt that’s holding down that elbow. So tomorrow I head to crappy tire to see if I can get some equipment to pull that bolt out.

A few things got missing in the mix, working in minus 8 degrees Celsius so it was pretty rough. Got a couple videos I plan to edit but didn’t get a vid on the whole rip out but do plan on doing one on the reinstall and cleaning of the intake. But if anyone has some tips on how in heaven I’m going to get that Allen bolt off of the elbow that I can finally get access to that manifold that would be great. Thanks!

Having a problem uploading so here's some pics at this link