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Moparecodiesel [Deleted]


Active Member
May 24, 2015
Truck Year
Not Listed
i work 14-17hrs per night.
so ive had the truck for 1 year I have 3700 hours on the engine, I work 5 days a week, do the math, 15.4 hrs average per day vehicle run time. yes I work my butt off all week then come home on Saturday and take care of my wife ( she has M.S.) get done with everything she needs to make her day ok, then I work on my trailers, or truck doing maintenance, try to get in some videos and some internet forum help, then sunday I take a little break and do nothing till afternoon and work on my truck and clean it up for the next day.
I work a total of 96 hours per week. ive been doing that since I was 14. I had a full time job while I was in high school, back then you could get paid under the table.
I sleep for about 5 hrs per day.
it sucks, but I have a family who I need to take care of.
im actually almost done building a new ultra light trailer for work, im almost done.
last night I got up at 5:00pm, got to the warehouse at 7:00pm, loaded up, changed my oil, left at 9:00pm, got done with the route at 3:00am, took a 1hr nap at 4:00am, and I just sat down to take a break at 1:15pm. but im really trying to get this trailer done its 104 f outside. my sone leaves for new York on Tuesday till the 5th of july so im having my birthday party and my sons going away party tomorrow, so if I can get this trailer done and my yard work done all today, I can sleep tonight and have fun tomorrow. My side of my house is a train accident size mess from all the panels and aluminum,

I would actually like someone like Boostn to take over my website and do something neat with it, I just don't have a lot of time, that's why my videos suck, and theyre done out on the road.