(More) Questions on Regen Mode

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New Member
May 8, 2020
Truck Year
Hey All,
1st time Diesel owner, and wasn't expecting such a learning curve... Purchased a used 2015 Tradesman with 55k on it. Was super impressed with it and had no idea there were problems with this Model until I got a recall notice after a month of owning it, then started reading (previous owner applied and received $$ but said nothing to me). Now I am nervous as hell as I bought it to haul my new Jet Boat from State to State to fish. I have limited mobility due to spinal injury and am terrified to have it die on me far from home. Just got back from a 700 mi RT fishing trip and had zero problems. I'm reading all of this about Regen Mode, and have never noticed it doing it. I keep my notification on MPG but occasionally go through the others (Temp/Oil Pressure etc) to make sure nothing is amiss) but am wondering if I should keep it on another page? I live in the mountains and have to drive over a pass every time I go to town, but once in town it's a lot of idling and stop and go. I guess I should just drive my Civic if "running around town" and use the truck only when hauling the boat, maybe that will help the longevity of the motor.
When it Regenerates, will it tell me I am doing it? Is there a warning that it needs to be done? I see many who buy an OBD and set it so they can monitor, but I am not that truck savvy. Sorry for the long-winded post, but appreciate any advice.
Oh, and I was thinking of taking the EGR Cooler tube off to clean the soot, but see some are having issues after they do that (and the MAP sensor, so might just let it be for now... I'm now at 58k and besides the Turbo lag have had zero issues (Recall issues fixed 2 weeks ago), but I'm really nervous every time I drive it.


Active Member
Oct 18, 2015
Washington State
Truck Year
The truck will to notify you that a region is in progress in its stock form. There are several tools available to help you do this and even do a manual regeneration. The Edge Products Insight Cts2 appears to be very popular for this purpose. You might research the aftermarket tuning options under the
Ecodiesel Performance sections of the site here. Almost everyone is happy with the results but it may affect your warranties of you aren't careful. The Ecodiese excels at highway driving and light towing but definitely struggles a bit around town in stop and go conditions.