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P06bb and P0673, glow plug #3 replacement


New Member
Jan 18, 2020
Truck Year
Had a glow plug go out recently and figured I would post a couple pictures of what the old one looked like when I pulled it out. Read the code for glow plug number three. Had to remove the airbox and EGR diffuser tube. Cleaned the tube thoroughly, as much as possible. Then pulled the plug on top of the glow plug which was a pain in the ass and used a precision oiling pen to get down near the threads and apply kroil to the top of the threads… Let that sit for a couple of days with the block heater plugged in. Came back with a quarter inch torque wrench set to about 10–12 ft pounds And was able to break it free with little effort. Initially it was fairly easy but then like other stories I’ve read, a few threads out it started to get very difficult to a point where I probably sat (Balanced uncomfortably on all fours leaning over the engine bay) There for an hour or more working the threads back-and-forth a hair at a time, While adding more oil sporadically as needed. Long story short I got it out and put the new one in which cost me about 80 bucks from the dealer (much cheaper online) And I no longer had the warning lights and everything is running much more smoothly. Especially starting it up in the morning when it’s cooler, it was running a little rough for a few seconds and now it starts great. I was surprised at how worn the plug was but then again I have about 140,000 mi on the engine. 36049E97-DFFE-4E54-AF91-2C08C13A004B.jpeg449E734B-4A5D-433D-8041-F87266C90D34.jpeg


New Member
Dec 20, 2021
Truck Year
Hello all, on every diesel I've ever owned the glow plug system is covered by the emissions warranty, does anyone know if that is the case here?

My RAM was doing that glow plug light flashing thing, and I'd shut it down, and restart it and it'd go away. I recently bought a scan tool, and when I first connected it, no stored codes came up, and I thought, hummmm, that's strange. So I did the live data, and started up the engine, and sure enough the glow plug light began flashing again, and the scanner flagged code P06BB.

2014 RAM Ecodiesel, 85,000 miles
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