Success stories?

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New Member
Mar 30, 2019
Pineland, SC
Truck Year
Would like to hear from any guys with at least 150k miles. Just want to hear what you have or have not done. I understand there's no real solution to the ED problems but most of the guys I've seen on here don't have much over 75k on their trucks. Not looking for a fix, just simple curiosity.

Old man

New Member
Mar 14, 2019
Truck Year
I have owned truck since new 2015. Usual wear and tear. Wheel bearings ball joints. Once I got near 100k mark. Turbo went, a/c stopped working, oil leaks everywhere now intake swirl valve codes.


Mar 13, 2017
Truck Year
They don’t want the success stories here only the bad. Focus on bad.

Original wheel bearing & ball joints here at 565k but I cheated and greased the wheel bearings once through the abs port hole. Shh don’t tell anyone. And well I plan to refresh the front suspension this fall upper & lower, tie rod ends, end links and new shocks. Be over $1k but will ride like new when completed. Still steers drives & rides nice now but shows wear.

Had a turbo go bad in my old semi truck at 1.7 million miles. Never had one go bad in my pick up and I run a tune that raises boost. Some old timers still have 70s car turbos in their head. Some dealerships mechanics take advantage of WiTech fault codes and make Ram warranty pay the mechanics & service departments good money to replace turbos that are not bad. This is an industry secret that we all pay for in the price of our next new truck purchase. AC still works well on my 2014. I did get an oil leak at 350k so there is that. Never had any problems with swirl valves but I’ve been running a tune since early on.
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New Member
Mar 29, 2016
Truck Year
Only have 100k on a 2016 original owner. Been a terrific truck, after replacing the cheap OEM tires only got 24 k out of them, I live in a cold climate and have had no problems. Plugged in when below freezing and have winter front on. Cleaned up soot tube and gde tuned truck best thing you can do for this truck do not baby this truck work it if you drive lots of city driving, it needs a workout on hwy sometimes