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Hi everyone, Have had my ecodiesel since 2014, periodically have my engine light come on after I refuel. Sometimes it goes off by itself but last time had to reset it, stayed off for a while, now back on. I suspect it is the plastic fill cap. ??????
On the way to work this morning and my eco diesel started to clatter, the engine light came on and the truck lost power and shut down. Gauges all showed good. The dealership called this afternoon and said the engine had locked up. They are requesting an engine replacement from Chrysler. The engine has 55,000 miles on it. Anyone else had this problem.
Are Bulletproof intercoolers good? Will ram pay for the replacement using one of them?
I doubt if RAM would pay it, from what I understand the bulletproof design is different and "not approved".
Well going to get rental car as dealer states still having fuel delivery problems and haven't put the injectors in yet. Plan to get more info when there and see just how far they have dug into it.
kcbsrep June 6,2020
I have a 2015 Eco diesel have had a couple of engine problems nothing major, My biggest item at 54,000 I had to have a new transmission installed went from 30mpg to 12mpg fast I was on vacation at the time limped home took 3 weeks for dodge to decide who would pay for trans dealer or home office. My dealer gave me a new 2020 ram to use the whole time.
Hello BoostN, I'm not able to PM you so did you delete my last post in the Considering a new ecodiesel thread? If so what was the issue with it? Thanks
New member. 2018 2WD Crewcab w/7975 miles. Green Diesel Engineering programming. Truck runs better than it did before I re-programmed. No turbo lag. I am adding an Amsoil bypass oil filtration system this weekend. Does anyone know of an oil blow-by catch system for the 2018? Has anyone experienced any problems with the 2018 2nd generation engine? If you have, what were they? And, how did you fix them?
Vern.. You have how many miles on your Eco? Im at 123K and besides a cracked EGR cooler (covered under warranty) my truck has been flawless. I have read and seen so much bad press on the 2016 Eco that I am thrilled to see you have that many (how many?) miles on yours.
Can anyone tell me what will happen if I block off the egr without a tune.
It likely will code and not run very well.. you need tuning for the truck to run properly.
Got 2016 ed with 73k on it. tried to start it and wouldn’t start then code came up service throttle lever- I pushed start a few times it would just crank then finally started - did that for a day then the engine light went away and was fine for few days then started doing same thing again now it stalled out on me while driving 20 mph and wouldn’t start. Now have no power and won’t go faster than 30-40mph
I am leaving the forum. Decided that after ten recalls, and the last being a recall that the truck may catch fire at any moment, that I purchased the wrong truck. I have traded the truck off. Will not ever purchase a FCA product again. Thanks to all for the postings.
Just got my first truck and my first diesel
2016 Dodge ram 1500 3 liter ecodiesel. Just learning about the diesel exhaust filter. Good info here, Thanks.
i have a 2014 ecodiesel had it 30k it now has 120k first the waterpump went now no start i beleave its the fuel pump when trying to start u hear the prime n then the pump makes more gringing sound trucks starts n dies instantly
Ive replaced the fuel filter im afraid im gonna go broke behind this truck im a DIY man
some history yesterday i replaced the water pump n all o rings n new serpentine belt today is the start n then stop any suggestion would be appreciated
is there a valve steam on fuel rail to check pump pressure ?
I currently own a 2016 Nissan Titan with a Diesel engine. I really like the truck but the fuel mileage is less than I hoped it would be (16mpg average). So I’m looking at an eco-diesel. I’ve heard the older models have problems. Are the newest generation “ok” or is too soon to tell yet?
Sonny Covington
My 2014 Ram 1500 Big Horn 4x4 Crew Cab was getting 22-23 in Houston's horrible traffic as a daily driver. Trip to Chicago from Houston was 28.1 with 4 adults and 7 days of luggage. I totaled that one. 2015 Ram 1500 Laramie 4x4 got 28.2 with 4 adults and luggage for 7 day visit. The 2015 is averaging 21-22 mpg as daily driver, but Ram Boxes are filled with tools and an electric operated bed cover.