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just wondering if anyone has had problems with trying to start there trucks and the truck loosing all power dash screen goes blank and you can't do anything have unhooked the battery and it sometime reset right away and sometime it takes a while
Chrysler Dealership tells me not to use Wix oil filter or fuel filter, engine doesn’t like wix filters tends not perform well.
bruce pero
had bad ground wire from battery to altinator
I have a question on the PPEI tune you used, I and looking at this or a company similar with a OBD handheld but you have to email them to get programming. Is it the same for the PPEI? and will it erase trouble codes adjust for tire size etc?
Also I'm new to the game so will the truck run fine if you switch from full tune back to stock if you take off the DEF , EGR , and pipes , etc.?
I had to send my ecm to the people at ppei, they flashed it and had it back in 2 or 3 days. I am not aware of any way to switch it from stock to performance with this tune.
I have 35k hard miles on the tune so far and have not had a single issue. I definitely recommend sending the ecm to them. Not to mention once you get it back, it’s like a completely different truck. Haha
And yes they account for your tire size as well.
I saw your post from sometime back about folding TOW mirrors, I am wondering did you go through with it and if you did where were you able to get the part and did you or a dealer set the optional equipment code for the mirrors?
Wow ! thanks guys ! My truck has been in the shop for seven times in the last two months ! running hot ! the dealership has finally ordered A EGR Cooler. Chrysler sent A Engineer down and he didnt know what the problem was .
Sale 20% off store wide, use "SENDITDAD" during checkout. That means you can own the SFT Stage 1 Engine/Transmission tune for $720!
As of April 2019, I'm approaching 15k miles. All is running great with GDE hot tune and trans tune.
New member from Texas in the country about 40 miles from Texas A&M. Thinking about purchasing used truck. Looking for things that you like and you don't like with the truck and are you happy with your purchase. Thanks for any help or advice you can give in advance.
Welcome @Mikemr ! Glad to have you here. Have a read on the forums, we've got tons of info here for you to read for a few days! :D
Thinking about deleting my 2018 ecodiesel. just wondering if they sound like little Honda rice rockets and what everyone's roughly getting for fuel mileage? Thanks in advance!
I am not under warranty. I have 44,227 miles on my 2016 ram. Is this part of the pending settlement that is about to be released?
just got a new 2018 ecodiesel 3.0,,, looking for info on proper oil/filter/upgrades.
Rotella T6 oil. I just pony up and buy the mopar oil and fuel filters. Also run a K & N in the stock air box.
For my 2016 I use Pronto P08157ex Oil Filters, PentoSpeed SP 5W-40 Oil and Pronto PF99119 Fuel filtes. They are MUCH cheaper than Mopar filters and meet or exceed the Manufactures specs. I did my first oil change at the dealer and they charged $71.00 for a oil filter compared to the Pronto at $15.00 from my local auto parts store.
Hello all, I'm a new (2014) RAM 1500 Ecodiesel owner, for 1 1/2 years. Had first problem this week. Check Eng Lite, then Service Electronic Throttle Module. Got an astronomical estimate (over $3k) to repair. EGR module and other items. I have an extended warranty and they are sending as adjuster to the RAM dealership to review the estimated work. Anyone have a similar experience? I'm in shock right now.
My engine light came on and say's its my EGR Valve. Is that covered under powertrain warranty does anyone know? Is the valve itself very expensive? I do not know what to do and trying to see what my options are.
Old man
Old man
Egr unfortunately is not covered under powertrain warranty they recommend cleaning every 60,000. Just went through this at my dealership so looks like I have a weekend project.
Had the same problem with throttle control box. Cost $871.00 to fix. Dealer said not covered under warrenty
What options are worth getting with the gde hot tune? I'm leaning towards engine brake and high idle
Eagle eye
The engine brake is nice if you travel on mountain roads, high idle is nice in the winter. I put 60K on a ‘15 and loved it, best money you can spend. The mileage increase will surprise you especially when you have no turbo lag and more torque. I had to learn how to start out all over again as my rear tire were spinning pretty easy. 2 of my friends have it and we all agree it is worth it!