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Recent content by Tremper126

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    New member - late to the settlement party!

    Yes, there are still dealers willing to do the right thing, but in my particular instances, the three dealers I’ve had interactions with have been nothing but headaches and deceiving. The issue we all have with these engines are that most dealers don’t have technicians that want to work on these...
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    New member - late to the settlement party!

    I purchased a tune back in 2019 I believe. I chose to remove any future dpf scr and egr issues at the time and it’s been smooth sailing since. You can’t go wrong with any aftermarket tune!!
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    New member - late to the settlement party!

    Well you’re in the same boat as me I have refused to complete any recall since the tailgate latch lock recall. The horror stories of the aem and others have swayed me into purchasing a tune and removing the parts that have caused numerous issues and fires. IMHO don’t do the recall, when you need...
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    Crank case ventilation

    It’s just a tube on the front drivers side of the block that comes off and returns into the intake
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    Schrader valve mounting location

    I did mine inside the fuel door. Just to the left of the def fluid hole, and teed together under the bed.
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    Im Jon .. i have a 2014 ecodiesel

    Any good diesel shop can extract it!
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    New 2015 Ram Ecodiesel Owner

    Welcome! Check out the different categories and use the search feature for any ideas you’d like to ask on! Feel free to ask questions too!
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    Hello. I am Diesel Powered

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    Still going!

    I’m really a fan of the white and gold as much as I hate two tone 😍 For some positivity also, approaching 170k, bought at 113k in 2018, all I’ve done is a glow plug, stage 1 tune in 2019 I think, stage 2 in 2020 ish after a tree landed on my cab and it sat causing emission related codes, and...
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    New to the group

    Are the emissions components still on the truck?
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    New to the group

    Welcome how many miles?
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    DEF will not start message.

    I deleted mine and still have the tank, located in va it’s free if you come pull it lol
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    hello to everyone.....i'm Richard in Tn....2014 ED with 175k

    You’ll need to know the code to know where to start
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    Well, the saga continues!

    Maybe check your ground locations?
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    Engine codes