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  1. Tremper126

    Couple questions from an Ecodiesel Noob

    Mx hit that nail on the head!
  2. Tremper126

    This site ?

    Well, I love my truck lol wish I could control some aspects of it but it is what it is. Delete the egr and most all of your posts after will be happy. Forums are like reviews, for every 1 good review theres 10 bad ones.
  3. Tremper126

    New eco diesel owner, need some help

    I’m not sure if it will leave a footprint, but honestly if it leaves your egr functioning, the longevity of the motor will most likely be reduced.
  4. Tremper126

    My adventure with SofaKingTuned

    Apparently “the rear glass is a one time use item, once it’s removed it should be replaced” per the body shop. The tech that did the work transferred to a different site, but apparently missed a bunch of seam seals. I think they don’t want to eat the loss of redoing the top of the cab.
  5. Tremper126

    My adventure with SofaKingTuned

    Well, stopped by the body shop since having to return my truck for warranty body repair about a week after I got it back. Tree fell on it setember first, this photo was Wednesday. Apparently once they cut the top off, it’ll never reseal so it will leak water forever. I love my eco, I love the...
  6. Tremper126

    Whats the problem?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find that egr has failed. Also, some of the egr work if they failed was replaced with original style if the new style wasn’t available
  7. Tremper126

    Whats the problem?

    How many miles ago was it done? There’s one user who has had his truck go up in flames even with the new egr
  8. Tremper126

    Whats the problem?

    The egr has a recall on it so if egr is bad and it ruined manifold then your covered
  9. Tremper126

    Whats the problem?

    P04db was a code I got after I tuned transmission. 20 miles round trip is borderline what these trucks enjoy. They do much better on the highway. But I would venture to say your egr hs failed and ruined the intake.
  10. Tremper126

    Whats the problem?

    Welcome! Sounds to me like you hve an intake problem but need a lot more info. How many miles are on it now and how many since you bought it? What’s your typical type of driving?
  11. Tremper126

    I just joined and wanted to say hello

    Welcome! I would look into Alfaobd. It’s not nessasarly something that gets installed, it’s something that can get turned on and off. My truck, 2014, didn’t have the option to enable or disable them. With alfaobd I was able to enable the option for them and determine if I wanted my fog lights...
  12. Tremper126

    Overheating and coolant level changes

    Could be head gasket I suppose.
  13. Tremper126

    Overheating and coolant level changes

    Sounds to me like water pump isn’t doing it’s job full time. You said you replaced the alternator in your other post, did you ensure your belt is routed correctly and your tensioner is keeping tension?
  14. Tremper126

    Warranty void for exhaust tip replacement??

    Sounds like the dealer didn’t want to do the work since parts didn’t come from them lol
  15. Tremper126

    How to tell if your ECU has been tuned.

    I couldn’t remember, if I had my truck I would have given it a shot to confirm but she’s been at body shop for 4 months now.