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20160 Ram Laramie 4x4 EcoDiesel @ 100K stock. Just got HPFP recall in the mail. Replaced the water pump @ 98K. Otherwise 'No Problems' here in ATL.
2018 Ram Ecodiesel 54,000 miles, engine blew up. Ram put in new engine gave 2 year warranty. 3.5 years and 73,000 more miles. The truck shut down, no notice, Low Oil Pressure. I checked the oil it was fine. I started the truck up, drove 1 mile, it quit again, said Electronic Throttle Control.
I waited a few minutes, started it up, drove 300 yards turned it off. Had it towed, they said lots of factory recalls, it has to get towed to Ram dealership. Does anyone know if this is leading up to another blown engine?
High Pressure fuel pump recall is what I am guessing. This happened to my 2016 Eco diesel last March 2023 took 4 months to get parts. They have to replace everything from tank to injectors. I got it back in July 2023 and it broke down again January 2024. Same problem. Good luck
Thank you for the information.
Did you find a solution for the P1083 error? my truck is acting the same way.
i have to code 1 is P04DB-00 CODE 2 IS P245B-00 Can any tell what i can do to clear the codes
Replaced intake manifold on my 2015 eco diesel and can't find a torque value or pattern. does anyone have any ideas?
I’m about to do mine as well did you replace your fuel lines? Or reuse the original ones? Also did you find the tq specs