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Will the EDGE CST 2 force a Regen and does it come with box, instructions, and cord?
It will not do a stationary regen but you can activate it as your pulling out of driveway to regenerate during that drive cycle. I don’t have the box but have the cords and instructions.
Will get back to you later today. At work but I’ll hold it for you. Thanks
Sorry just got home. Email for PayPal is jpap2418@gmail.com send me your address and I’ll try to ship it out tomorrow if not Saturday. Thanks. Jason
Hi everyone, Have had my ecodiesel since 2014, periodically have my engine light come on after I refuel. Sometimes it goes off by itself but last time had to reset it, stayed off for a while, now back on. I suspect it is the plastic fill cap. ??????
What was the code, what did it tell you? That plastic "plug" was the first thing I eliminated, I ordered an aluminum fuel cap from AMAZON for about 8 bucks or so.