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Hello all, I'm a new (2014) RAM 1500 Ecodiesel owner, for 1 1/2 years. Had first problem this week. Check Eng Lite, then Service Electronic Throttle Module. Got an astronomical estimate (over $3k) to repair. EGR module and other items. I have an extended warranty and they are sending as adjuster to the RAM dealership to review the estimated work. Anyone have a similar experience? I'm in shock right now.
Paul Poplawski
Had 2 consecutive problems w the EGR so I had it deleted. No problems since
What options are worth getting with the gde hot tune? I'm leaning towards engine brake and high idle
Eagle eye
The engine brake is nice if you travel on mountain roads, high idle is nice in the winter. I put 60K on a ‘15 and loved it, best money you can spend. The mileage increase will surprise you especially when you have no turbo lag and more torque. I had to learn how to start out all over again as my rear tire were spinning pretty easy. 2 of my friends have it and we all agree it is worth it!