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Fiat Chrysler does not stand by there product manahawkin dodge does not stand by there work fiat Chrysler owes me for 13 months of ownership and only 7 on the road 47000 miles new motor oh wonderful! Then 50001 miles multiple issues story no warranty have a nice life with making payments on your new motor with missing hardware and mis aligned front fenders front bumper missing ignition fuse cover bolts in grill shutt
Newbie from Canada, 2014 Longhorn with 212,000km. All original.

2 days after purchase used from a dealership, the CEL came on and the command start stopped working and the truck idled very very poor and would take along time to get to 30km/hr speed?

Anyone experience the same thing? Anyone know what it could be?

Thank you!
Second owner of 2014 Limited, bought with 19k miles, now with 80k the EGR cooler is leaking (uses a gallon every 15000 miles). No oil in AF, no AF in oil!. Temps always good unless AF gets low. I could use my rig exclusively off road so I want to remove the EGR Cooler and DEF and add a tuner that will give me more power and better milage. I am looking ar TS performance. Anyone do a recent delete?
will watch this thread thinking about it also.
I just posted the repairs that the dealership has performed. I clarified the first repair (fuel rail sensor and connector" and prior to replacement the DTCS code was P0191-00 fuel rail pressure sensor "A"). Then the CPM was replaced. Now the dealership has sent a engineering request to Ram, but no response yet. I feel like I'm up against a brick wall and no where to turn.
149,850 miles and had my first issue with the EGR. Dealer replace and back on the road and looking for 200,000 miles on my 2016 ED 2WD with 3:55. I average 27 mpg and still love my truck. GreenDiesel definitely makes it run like it should, I'd forgotten how slow it is off the line without. I haven't needed to have the truck worked on since I installed the GreenDiesel tune since 2017.