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Can anyone tell me what will happen if I block off the egr without a tune.
It likely will code and not run very well.. you need tuning for the truck to run properly.
Got 2016 ed with 73k on it. tried to start it and wouldn’t start then code came up service throttle lever- I pushed start a few times it would just crank then finally started - did that for a day then the engine light went away and was fine for few days then started doing same thing again now it stalled out on me while driving 20 mph and wouldn’t start. Now have no power and won’t go faster than 30-40mph
I am leaving the forum. Decided that after ten recalls, and the last being a recall that the truck may catch fire at any moment, that I purchased the wrong truck. I have traded the truck off. Will not ever purchase a FCA product again. Thanks to all for the postings.
Just got my first truck and my first diesel
2016 Dodge ram 1500 3 liter ecodiesel. Just learning about the diesel exhaust filter. Good info here, Thanks.