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Hey John, I see that you seem to have the most online presence when it comes to forums that have to do with any tuning of the Ecodiesel RAM :)
Meaning you are probably the best guy to talk with if I was looking for a used GDE ECU.

I just purchased a 2015 RAM ED and when cold, it. just. won't. go :(.

Maybe I should just go with SFT and wait until the $720 sale price happens again.
John Jensen
John Jensen
If you mention that I referred you Jimmy may give you the 20% off the price. I can guarantee he will give you 10% off. Give him a call.

I have a usee stock ECU for sale @ 425 incl shipping if you can't find what you are looking for
New member. 2018 Ram 1500 Lonestar EcoDiesel. Bought new April 2018, already have 35000 miles and going strong.
just wondering if anyone has had problems with trying to start there trucks and the truck loosing all power dash screen goes blank and you can't do anything have unhooked the battery and it sometime reset right away and sometime it takes a while
Chrysler Dealership tells me not to use Wix oil filter or fuel filter, engine doesn’t like wix filters tends not perform well.
bruce pero
had bad ground wire from battery to altinator
I have a question on the PPEI tune you used, I and looking at this or a company similar with a OBD handheld but you have to email them to get programming. Is it the same for the PPEI? and will it erase trouble codes adjust for tire size etc?
Also I'm new to the game so will the truck run fine if you switch from full tune back to stock if you take off the DEF , EGR , and pipes , etc.?
I had to send my ecm to the people at ppei, they flashed it and had it back in 2 or 3 days. I am not aware of any way to switch it from stock to performance with this tune.
I have 35k hard miles on the tune so far and have not had a single issue. I definitely recommend sending the ecm to them. Not to mention once you get it back, it’s like a completely different truck. Haha
And yes they account for your tire size as well.