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Hi Bob,

I read your post about replacing your air suspension system to springs and shocks wit oem parts.
If you don't mind how much roughly did it cost you for the parts?
Did you do it yourself or did you get the Dealer to do it?

I am considering replacing my whole system as well as I have so many problems with it.

Would really appreciate the info

Thank you
Service electronic throttle came on along with engine light diesel smell in cab of the truck and white smoke rolls from under the hood when I stop after a good drive what could it be?
brad hoffmann
happened to me a nuther recall upper half of engine no parts ben with out truck about a month already
My Eco-Diesel is unsafe due to AEM. Had it done last week. The Ram is parked and I drive my other vehicles.

I have contacted an attorney about a possible class action lawsuit.
there is already a class action law suit