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check engine light

  1. E

    P0133 and P22fa trouble code

    Has the p0133 o2 sensor slow to react come up and I reset a few times and it kept coming back. A couple of days later I got a second code p22fa nox sensor not working. Weird to lose 2 sensors at the same time so I thought I would take them out and see what they looked like. I have read where...
  2. K

    My first error code... less than a week of ownership.

    I just bought a 1500 2017 Laramie Eco Diesel this past Tuesday. I got in this morning to head out to the range and the check engine light came on after maybe a hundred yards of driving. A friend put his diagnostic tool on it and found, "P050E(3 of 3) Generic Permanent... Cold Start Engine...
  3. D

    check engine light and tpms

    Check engine light as well as low tire pressure indicator came on, on the way home from the dealer, bought used as is. The message says Service Tire Pressure Maintenance System. I checked the tires and put them all to 40 as specified inside door panel and two tires do not read at all and the...