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Connies Ram

Gotta love black and chrome!!!

General Description

Just plain pretty!!! with all the features that make you feel great when you get in and drive.. plus I really like the vented cool air seats.. in the heat of the summer!!! One picture is me on my 57th birthday at Red Rocks starting my 7 week vacation trip!!
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  • my ram 5.jpg
    my ram 5.jpg
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  • my ram 6.jpg
    my ram 6.jpg
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  • My ram 2500.jpg
    My ram 2500.jpg
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  • my ram and bike.jpg
    my ram and bike.jpg
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  • my ram and bike2.jpg
    my ram and bike2.jpg
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  • my ram at night.jpg
    my ram at night.jpg
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  • my ram front.jpg
    my ram front.jpg
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  • my ram with bike front.jpg
    my ram with bike front.jpg
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  • my ram1.jpg
    my ram1.jpg
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  • me nov 12th.jpg
    me nov 12th.jpg
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