Ram 1500 And Lexus Gx470

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General Description

My 2015 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 1500 4x4 Big Horn semi loaded.

Wife's 2009 Lexus GX470 4.7 V8 AWD with every option available.
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IS THAT MIDNIGHT TEAL METALLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!! I am so jealous!! how beautiful, I didn't even know that color was an option! and your interior is gorgeous, I love those color options on the bighorns, mine is boring black on black, you have a very unique truck. very nice.
Thank you for the kind words! These Ram trucks are amazing! It's to bad most truck drivers are so loyal to one brand that they won't allow them selfs to even look at another truck. If they did Ram would out sell all the rest combined!!:eek:

I test drove a white leramie with white interior first. Then I drove this one. Witch at the time (dusk to dark) I thought was black. White and black are my two favorite colors for pickups.

The Laramie was 4500 more then my big horn. I liked the headlights more on the Laremie but liked the interior better on the Big Horn. I decided to save the 4500 and go with the Big Horn. It had all the features I wanted. Much to my surprise the next day (sunny) I realized my truck wasn't black. It's called "Black Forsest Green". It turned out to be a pleasant surprise though. The truck looks black in all but direct sunlight. So it's kinda like having two different colors:)
Holy cow, I cant stop coming to your page and staring at your paint!!
I remember cruising in my fully restored mustang back in 1999 when I chose midnight teal metallic, it was black at night, but you could get a dark gleam of green under the street lights down state street, and deep green in the sun. Brings back memories.
Yes Your paint rocks.. I would love to have that color.. I didn't even know they had that color because I was only looking at the Laramie.. and of course they don't show you that option.. which sucks because the bodies of our trucks are relatively the same it is just trim and options that change ..
Nice! It is the spitting image of mine except for the tow hooks, the interior colors and of course, the beautiful paint! I too thought it was black at first!!

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