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Recent content by MoscowEngnr

  1. M

    EcoDiesel Engine Failure 16,500 miles

    Mine made about 114,000 when 3 or 4 of the rod bearings went out. Fortunately the extended warranty covered most all the costs for changing to a used engine with about 20K miles on it. Now working fine with the other engine.
  2. M

    Key fob issues

    My Key Fob on my 2014 was working erratic. WIfes still works fine. replaced battery and was still erratic. A few weeks ago I left it in center console box. That night alarm and horn were going off much of the night. Finally took it inside and things were fine. Need to get replacement. (Got...
  3. M

    DPF filter full - see dealer

    I wonder if a leaky Turbo is a factor. I have some extended warranty where they "MIGHT" do a turbo warranty replacement but only after some inspection. Shop wants about $1150 to remove the turbo for inspection. Warranty will not do anything if I do repairs myself. Here they do inspections, but...
  4. M

    DPF filter full - see dealer

    Was doing a small errand tonight getting ready for a road trip tomorrow. Drove about a mile to my "toy shed" and saw a message "Need Regerneration - drive at Highway speeds..." Shut down to unload a few things from the back bed, then restarted the engine. Now get a message "Exhaust Filter 100%...