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  1. C

    Howdy from Alberta! 2015 Laramie 4x4 ram box, air suspension, with 133k km

    New to the site :) throwing my hello into the wind :)
  2. R

    2015 Ecodiesel owner. Blew engine last night 74495 miles

    As the title states I am a 2015 Ecodiesel owner who had their engine blow at 74495 miles last evening. It happened when I dropped a gear to have more power for a hill I was climbing. No warning lights and no previous problems or oddities. The engine started knocking loudly and power was lossed...
  3. D

    2015 Laramie EcoDiesel for sale

    Hi all! Looking to sell my 2015 Laramie ED. Its granite crew cab. I’ve added roll up bed cover, 6” step bars, air bags for the rear and like new KO2s. Heated seats front and rear. Cooled front seats Heated steering. Nav ready. Trailer brake switch 4x4 Approximately 59,000 miles. Every...
  4. R

    2015 Ram ED 5w40

    Here are the specs of my truck: 2015 Big Horn ED 3.0l diesel 2WD 25,800 miles (about 1,000 tow) Tires 275/60 r 20 m/s bridgestones Nitrogen filled to 41: Dropped off the truck and only asked for an oil change (didnt mention the new oil). They swapped to 5w40 no charge (dealer incentive when...