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  1. L

    Shady Dealership/DEF contaminated with water?

    I dropped my 2014 Ecodiesel of at the dealer for codes P20EE (SCR NOx Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1), P2BA9 (NO Exceedance - Insufficient Reagent Quality) and dash message “Incorrect DEF detected See Dealer”. Since the codes are emission related, I expected it to be covered under...
  2. A

    Anyone ever deleted an ecodiesel with hp tuners?

    Has anyone deleted a 2015 ecodiesel with hp tuners? Just some questions I’ve got.
  3. C

    2018 EcoDiesel DEF Contamination

    I know my vehicle isn't a truck, but it has the EcoDiesel and some of you Ram diesel truck owners may have run into a similar issue. I would like some feedback on my dilemma. In Oct-2021 my daughter borrowed my Jeep Grand Cherokee and inadvertently filled the diesel fuel tank with DEF...
  4. R

    P023E before I have completed the FCA update

    It figures: I just got my recall last week (I moved a lot). Now, before I got it in the shop for FCA update, I get the DEF error code P023E. Does anyone know if it’s still covered under warranty BEFORE FCA update? Also this happed while I was filling the DEF fluid. I was starting to run low...
  5. C

    DEF gauge problem

    Looking for a little guidance or advice.... I have a 2014 I bought used 2 1/2 years ago now with 103000 miles on it.... the only problem I've had up til now is that plug under the drivers side that was coming open which now just occasionally gets wet which i pull apart and clean with electric...
  6. R

    DEF pump failure

    Hi, Has anybody experienced a DEF pump failure? ($900.+). I have 65,000 miles on my Ecodoesel. I love the truck, but the 'Engine will not start in 200 miles' message is disturbing. It happened once when the truck was new and they replaced the DEF injector nozzle and the Catalytic converter...
  7. Ricky Womack


    Are all brands of DEF created equal ? I saw a gallon at Freds for five dollars.