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  1. E

    GDE Hot Tune 2014-2015

    I have a GDE Hot Tuned ECU for sale. Purchased in Sept 2019. It's for a 2014-2015 ram (will probably work in a 2016 too). The tune has the engine braking, high idle and regen msg options. EGR is disabled of course. If you provide me your VIN and injector codes, I'll update the ECU with your...
  2. S

    Service ETC Issues and ECU swap

    I've noticed a common theme of Service ETC issues and a lack of consistent solutions. I purchased my truck less than a month ago and will be taking back to the dealer with the same issues for the second time (they replaced the fuel rail pressure sensor last time). My questions: 1. Has anyone...
  3. jdn112011

    Factory Engine Braking Feature

    Has anyone realized that the factory tune has an engine braking feature? Turbo braking specifically. But it only operates when the cruise control is on! It will drop gear and close the veins and engine brake. You will not Coast freely down a grade if you have your cruise control set. Factory...