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fuel system

  1. E

    18 RAM ecodiesel new lift pump and filter won't start

    I need help. I've tried everything. Long story short i installed a new lift pump in the tank about 3 months ago and it failed already. So i installed a new one once again and installed a new fuel filter the old one was already black and just down right dirty. Well went to prime it and accidently...
  2. C

    2018 EcoDiesel DEF Contamination

    I know my vehicle isn't a truck, but it has the EcoDiesel and some of you Ram diesel truck owners may have run into a similar issue. I would like some feedback on my dilemma. In Oct-2021 my daughter borrowed my Jeep Grand Cherokee and inadvertently filled the diesel fuel tank with DEF...
  3. Bullrider9

    Lift pump kicking out.. possible plugged line?

    I’ve read a lot of threads, but was unable to find much info, on my current problem.. yesterday, my 2014 ecodiesel shut off while idling. I turned the key off, then put my foot on the break, and started it. It started up immediately… then about an hour later, it did the exact same thing. And...
  4. A

    fuel system

    Recently i purchased a 2014 ECODIESEL 1500 with 40K miles and after 3 months i fill the truck with diesel one day after that my truck start shaking and i had a dash board message says ETC (Service Electronic Throttle Control) so i took the truck to the dealer because i have an extended warranty...