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  1. T

    Tire rotation-pressure sensor issue

    Changed the oil in my RAM 1500 EcoDiesel today, and per the maintenance schedule, I rotated the tires. Since my spare is the same as the other wheels, I included the spare in the rotation, using what is called the Forward Cross Pattern. (Meanwhile, while writing this post, I notice that I should...
  2. T

    FS: Tires and wheels

    Looks like I will be the first to post in the classifieds... so here it goes. For Sale: $800 OBO - located in North Texas Set of 4 Tires/wheels off a 2016 1500 ED 265/75R17 Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor AT E rated tires w/ 17 inch factory Ram wheels. Just under 2500 miles on them, all...
  3. PilotguyR6

    Aftermarket Wheels and Tire with TPMS?

    Hey guys, I had purchased aftermarket wheels and tires for my previous 2010 1500 and I have now put them on my 2014 EcoDiesel, the TPMS worked in my last truck with the aftermarket wheels and tires and the stock EcoDiesel's TPMS worked with the factory wheels and tires but the aftermarket wheel...
  4. jdn112011

    Help. Cooper ATW or STT PRO

    A can't decide between taking a 50K mile rated all year AT tire with milder tread but exceptional winter performance. Or going to a highway mannered very aggressive MT tire with cold weather capabilities. I'm going to a 10 ply 34 that has already been decided so measurements will be according...