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2016 2019 owner


New Member
May 26, 2023
Truck Year
Hi everyone.
I bought a 2016 Eco diesel and towed a 30 foot trailer from California across the US and back. 2017 to Alaska and back. During the Alaska trip I had 8 Turbo fails codes interrupt the trip. When I returned I Contacted a attorney and returned the truck to Ram And they refunded the full purchase price to me.
I felt the turbo problems were an isolated incident and could not find anyone else that had those problems so bought another Eco diesel in 2019..
In 2020 I made a trip from California to YellowstoneAnd a trip to Texas Still pulling the 30 foot trailer. In 2022 I took it to the dealer because of poor gas mileage. They informed me that they found metal in the oil and needed to replace the engine.
It took the dealer 6 months to repair the truck And was told that they installed a crate engine. Even though the truck has 40000 miles on it they said that any repairs done by Ram were covered for 25000 miles.
After reading some of the stories I'm beginning to believe I'm driving a ticking time bomb. I'm hoping that the new engine has upgrades done to it but I have not heard of any upgrades being done In the newer model engines.
It seems that all the engine failures on this site are on the older echo diesels, Has anyone heard of possible upgrades to newer motors?
Anyone have failures on 2022 and up engines?
Thanks for your input.


Mar 19, 2022
Truck Year
I added an insane diesel bypass filter after my engine replacement. I haven't noticed any metal in my oil or filters.