Air suspension pump leaking?

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New Member
May 30, 2019
Truck Year
Hi everyone new ecodiesel owner here(2015) Been doing my research and learning about the features and maintenance but one recent thing I noticed has caught my attention and I can’t seem to find any information about diagnosing air suspension. Maybe I didn’t notice it at first but I really didn’t hear the compressor running all that much but now it runs quite often. When set to entry mode and engine running the pump cycles on and off for a few seconds and back on and keeps cycling all while the rear moves up and down slightly. When set to other height modes the truck stays at the level but the pump shuts off for about 30 seconds and kicks on again and keeps cycling. One would assume there’s a leak... when engine is off the pump is off and no leak can be heard or found and the truck maintains its level(tested overnight) it’s also very slow to raise Sometimes or just stubborn in general and I have to set it to a lower mode and then back up and I will usually be stuck with a raising indicator for several minutes even though nothing is happening. I have let the truck run and pump up and then once the pump shuts off I immediately shut the truck off and check for leaks and I have noticed in the area around the pump occasionally I catch a significant hissing that sounds like there’s a good amount of moisture in the airflow. This system is all new to me and with work all day and work all night I unfortunately don’t have the time to jack it up and soap up everything and check the entire system as much as I would love to fully understand the functions and layout of the entire system. Any ideas on possible leaks or is it common for frequent pump running?



New Member
Jul 7, 2019
Truck Year
Hello all! Former RAM owner but first time buying a 1500 (with air suspension) So I purchased the truck used, it's a 2014 in July of 2019. I picked the truck up from a small dealer in Hartford Conn. Drove the truck home to Pittsburgh with no issues at all! The suspension worked as it should even putting it in AREO mode at highway speeds however once on the way home it flashed for only a few seconds that the air suspension needed immediate attention. This message went out by itself and didn't come back on for the remainder of the trip home. It was only a few days later that the suspension started to have issues. It is on the bumper stops now and will not raise up. The compressor is running but not raising the truck. The dash display will have a number of different messages. One is that the truck is raising and the lights on the buttons will flash confirming this but nothing actually happens. Now it is stuck in Off Road 2 but still sitting on the bumper stops. I have changed all the fuses and the relay but nothing seems to make the truck raise. The weather has been 80 to 90 degree fahrenheit so its defiantly not the cold weather causing this. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, I already started looking at replacing the air with spring/struts. I found a company that makes a conversion kit and am wondering if anyone has tried it. Any advice would be appreciated!



Active Member
Nov 21, 2018
Truck Year
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The air ride is the worst option an the eco other than the 3.0motor