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Cabin Air Recirc

Stan Laurel

Active Member
Aug 3, 2015
Truck Year
I don't much care for breathing the noxious exhaust of some of the old clunkers and jalopies I share the road with daily. If the climate control is on, I engage the "Recirc" option to keep those fumes out. Usually. However, sometimes when I push the recirc button, all it does is blink a few times and go out - no recirc today, partner! This usually happens when it's cold out, but not always. Sometimes it is just random. Sometimes it actually works.

Anyone know/understand the logic behind this feature? Is there a way to defeat it so I can shut off the outside air when I want to, rather than when the truck feels like it?


New Member
Mar 5, 2016
The Recirc function is typically used on conjunction with the AC...(used to be called MAX AC). Modern automotive HVAC systems often run the AC without our knowledge, such as when the defroster is engaged, and so I wonder if when it blinks and shuts off that maybe it's related to when the AC in engaged.


Well-Known Member
Oct 18, 2015
Truck Year
It's not going to Work anytime you're really trying to push heat into the cab because it cannot blow off the heater core when in recirculate