Check engine light with Code p2d2f

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New Member
Aug 1, 2020
Truck Year
I purchased a used 2015 1500 ecodiesel with 158000 miles on it on Sunday feom a used car lot. (Owner clamed he bought it from local Ram dealership) Monday morning a check engine light came on with Service Electronic Throttle Control on the dash. I took it back to the dealer and they told me it was Code p0299 lowboost. Im familiar with the code as I have a 5.9l Cummins. They told me it a loose intake boot behind the mass airflow sensor and it wasnt reading it. They tightened the boot and said it was fine. I picked the truck up on Wednesday. I drove it home and parked it. I drove possibly 20 miles in it on Thursday and it was fine. Friday morning I was leaving my house and the check engine light came on again, this time with nothing on the display. I tried the turn key to get the code and it wouldn't appear. I borrowed a code reader and it showed code P2D2F. Reader gave a list of things egr, misfires, o2 sensor, o2 heater, ect. I return to the dealer and they took it to a small shop in the area and they attempted to read the code and they said it was an undefined code.
They set up an appointment with the Local Ram dealership to have them look at it on Monday. (They are paying for it) I wated to know if anyone else has had that problem and what it was. Thanks Anthony



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Nov 21, 2018
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Welcome.. throttle code can b many things ,dirty map sensor dirty egr tube boost sensor eco diesel is very problematic and very expensive 2 maintain every owner has seen that problem unless it is tuned........
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