Coolant Leaking

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New Member
Feb 3, 2020
Austin, TX
Truck Year
...”wash the soot away“ dude...if an FCA tech told you that...they’re in the wrong business.

It sounds like what you’re dealing with is, indeed, a failed EGR cooler. Several on this forum, including myself, have experienced this. There is an active recall for the issue on RAM trucks. I’m not sure if that extends to Jeep...

Having said that, it could be several things. Give it a minute and I’m sure Boost, TC, Shadow, John, or Carl will give you better info.
I just posted in thread below, but wanted to mention that my truck loses significantly and the wet soot has turned into gunk and clogged the turbo and intake venturies. this will not be inexpensive to pull and clean these components.


New Member
Jan 25, 2020
Truck Year
You have a good dealership there then. 3 local Ram dealers to me here won't even book an appointment for me to bring my truck in for a diagnosis. They know this is a big problem and don't want to be on the hook while waiting for parts from FCA.
Fortunately for me I was able to fix my truck with a replacement cap on the coolant reservoir . Oddly enough when I went to add coolant the cap that came with the truck in 2015 was plastic (as I am sure they all are) and had just wrought-ed away on the inside. When I unscrewed it all that came loose was the outer thumb screw piece. All the inter-parts where kind of fused to together to the coolant reservoir. Had to carefully cut loose all the plastic. Once I replaced the cap, the coolant loss has stopped.
The truck runs a lot warmer than it use to. It use to run consistently at 195. Now I am running around 210 with no coolant loss. I don't really like that though. Being in So Cal temps can easily get over 100 degrees in the warmer season and am concerned how this truck will perform in that kind of weather. Right now it is very mild here. But, I think I dodged a bullet for right now.


New Member
Mar 25, 2020
Truck Year
I have a 2014 Ecodiesel Grand Cherokee. Loosing about 3/8" of coolant in the reservoir in 300 miles. No hose, water pump or radiator leaks. Been to the dealer twice. They did leak down tests, exhaust gas test found nothing. I'm thinking EGR cooler, last visit, I asked them to look further at the EGR cooler. They looked in the hoses and did not see any liquid. Looked in the intake the best they could through the hose connections, no coolant. Said there is some soot, but no coolant. Said if the EGR cooler was leaking it would wash the soot away???? Any thoughts? I do have a case open with Jeep cares which has been worthless. They should rename "Jeep Cares" to "Jeep says FxxK You"! because that is pretty much what they told me. Jeep has 51,000 miles on it.
Check the turbo coolant inlet line under the intake, unfortunately you can’t exactly see it without a bore scope weaseling in the crannies but if you have the time and our money to all of it out, clean it and replace the line. It’s almost 300$ just for the line but imo it’s worth doing well before 80k miles because it will fail. It’s center section is rubber and too close to the turbo, and if you do it spend the extra 40$ and get a dei titanium hose wrap to help keep those temps from causing the issue again... thoroughly clean the map, intake plenum, egr, etc since you have everything apart already and use all new gaskets for re assembly whether they look “good” or not!