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Crankshaft positioning sensor and Tone Ring Failure on Eco diesel.


New Member
Jun 5, 2022
Truck Year
Man, I read thru this thread a couple weeks ago and thought,”Hope I’m in the clear…” just bought the truck a couple months ago with nearly 250k miles, all records and recalls taken care of except the newest one for injector pump. Yesterday I back out of the drive and shift to D and it lurches forward and flashes the message about the throttle control, pull up codes and it’s the CKP. It had the emissions recall done that should have flashed the PCM to read Camshaft readings and ignore the CKP, but it’s not doing that obviously. Gunna call the dealer today and see if it’s warranties 🤞🏼
I meant covered under recall, not warrant. and the fuel pump recall hasn’t been completed, not injector pump. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I didn’t call yesterday, but I am going to in a little bit.


New Member
Nov 24, 2019
Truck Year
Truck is a 2015 Eco diesel with a PPEI tune and full delete. I was coming out of Island Park, Idaho headed south toward home in eastern Idaho towing the camper and RZR in my usual train set up and my pickup just shut down, just barely got of the road. first thought was, it blew up at 120,000 miles. Could not really find anything wrong, no smoke, bad sounds or coolant or oil leaks. So I grabbed my Autel code reader and the code came up for crankshaft positioning sensor failure. long story short. there is a tone ring that is shaped like a shallow cup that fits between the flywheel and the crankshaft with a magnetic tape around the outside diameter that signals the positioning sensor. A piece of the tape about and 1/8 inch wide delaminated off the ring (plus there was cracks in the tape all the way around it), then struck the sensor and they were both wrecked. From FCA the sensor is $445.00 (PN# 68102341AA), the Ring is $150.00, dealer labor to pull the Transmission and install the parts is $950.00 dollars. You can do the math. But it runs now. The sensor from NAPA is $100.00.
Did it sound like a tire blew out right before you lost power?