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Glow plugs


New Member
Feb 18, 2022
Truck Year
The great west chrysler horror story...

So i took my truck in for an electronic control issue, as well as a new glow plug. They were told that i cleaned the throttle body and cleaned the sensor and the light still came on. They were happy to hear this news as all they had to do was reset it so it went into relearn mode, and that would cost me around 500 dollars. However the glowplug was on back order and i could either wait for it or i could get 6 aftermarket ones and have them installed but i run the risk of some of them breaking off so we recommend waiting for the back order one. So of course i sait id wait for that one. 2 weeks came and i got a message stating my glow plug was in i said good, because my electronic throttle control light is still coming on, and NOW my exhaust system has gone into regen mode 8 times since i left your dealership(diesel engine). The secretary made the note. So i bring the truck back to the service bay, i should say my girlfriend brought it in i was working. Anyway, it was brought in about 11:30 am and was told it should be ready that day, secretary calls saying we want to soak the glow plug until tomorrow, no problem wait until next day.. oh i forgot to mention 300 dollars for glow plug and 900 for a 4x4 service to drain my fluids.. anyway, next day comes! Not a word from anyone at the dealership. Ok ill call the next day but that was weird, next day comes and i call the secretary and ask her why noone called, she didnt know, but the glow plug is still soaking. So i asked if any of the other things had been done while this was soaking. She says they wanted to do the hard part first, and i said it was soaking couldnt they have done the other stuff while this thing was soaking. She could not give me an answer. Weird again. I get a text message 2 hours later from the secretary telling me she has bad news. It looks like your going to need a new cylinder head and i will send you the quote. I asked. Why! She texts me that the glow plug just spins, and sends me the quote... EIGHT THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!
So heres where it gets tricky.
I said to her sounds like u broke it, she says you were warned of the risks, i said no i wasnt and i was not warned about the single glow plug from dodge or the cylinder head I was only warned about the risks of buying the 6 aftermarket glow plugs. She sends me a text of a prior message that was sent from her stating the risks of the aftermarket glowplugs breaking. And that i should wait for the dodge glow plug... Weird. And says again see it says there you were warned.. whaaat!? I told her i would not pay for something you guys broke. Once again u were warned. I told her again i wasn't and also said are you going to try to come to some sort of resolution. She says, thats the quote. So i said. So nothing? You want me to pay for something you guys broke. I told her to have my truck ready by the end of the day, and have your service manager give me a call. So i reviewed my texts and saw there was a number to call if i wasnt satisfied with something. I tried to call it no answer of course. i believed it to be the service manager, so i emailed him giving him a chance to fix this mess. He finally gives me a call back, but not only is it him he has the foreman and the mechanic on speaker phone with him, sounds like an unfair advantage like a scared bully who needs his minions with him to gang up on me. So i asked him if he expected me to pay 8000 dollars for something they broke he started going off about how it wasnt broken it was stripped. i started getting upset and told him he was a fool if he thinks im going to pay for something i didnt do and to have my truck ready by the end of the day and hung up. My Girlfriend picks up the truck, and now the etc light is on my truck is now smokeing from the exhaust and im afraid to drive it to cause more damage. these people have ruined my 2018 ram limited and i will not stop sharing my story until its rectified. if anyone reading this has any advice on how to proceed or knows anyone in the news please DM me