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Lift Pump / codePO191

Desert truck

New Member
Sep 19, 2023
Truck Year
My 2016 ram 1500 ecodiesel is at the dealer . Threw the Electronic throttle system warning after the same day just stalled while moving. Now dealer says the problem is the lift pump with code PO 191 showing. Three times in last 3 months it has had the Electronic Throttle control system warning light come in. This is third time to dealer.
First time DPF was full but didn’t get a warning until 100% full. Dealer replaced on AEM extended warranty.( The truck has 71000 miles. )
Second time dealer tested for cracks in system came back solid- cleared the codes. Drive for a month- now this lift pump issue. Supposedly not covered under AEM extended warranty . I’ve seen on threads where it is.
I don’t know if the dealer with this lift pump( $1,500 to replace )is starting to throw parts at it. Any relation to code PO 191 and lift pump?