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MAP sensor clogged with soot DTC P1297


New Member
Apr 17, 2022
Truck Year
Long story my question at the end:
Just got done with the VB1 EGR recall so I installed a Banks Derringer and a K&N air filter. I liked the result until halfway through trip to AZ and I get a CEL. Checked the vehicles codes using the I-dash and came up with a P1297: MAP sensor out of voltage range. Could be lots of causes: a loose connection, a vacuum leak, a clogged MAP sensor, or a bad sensor. The truck has 50,000 relatively trouble free miles so I checked the wiring harness as the MAP is one of the sensors the Derringer uses but nothing amiss there. Called a local dealer in Flagstaff they said not to worry unless the CEL starts blinking. A day of normal driving around town the CEL goes out, Whew thought I dodged a bullet.
Get home and it's time to take the trailer out on a short camping trip, perfect to check out the Derringer's performance towing.and the truck threw another CEL and P1297.
Now I figure I need to get things checked out a local diesel mechanic. But, before I go spending dollars I figure I'll see if I can check the MAP Sensor, so off to YOUTube university. An hour later the MAP as been removed, cleaned and back in. fairly easy job. Holy cow the MAP sensor was caked with soot! it does have 50,000 miles on it with lots of city driving, so I know that the MAP sensor isn't the only thing coated.
I uploaded two pictures: before and after cleaning the MAP sensor with an electronic parts cleaner. I wish I could believe this isn't a harbinger of things to come or that the rest of the intake manifold isn't as caked up. I wish I could do a delete and get rid of the the entire EGR /DPF bullshit but living in California with the ever intrusive nanny state's regulations and re-certification of smog systems every two years that's a no go. I can only imagine the intake manifold is equally caked.

The truck is running great for now, maybe even a little better ( it never really ran bad or 'off', the only indicator of a problem was the CEL). Given my need to comply with CA's emissions regulations Does anyone have any helpful suggestions on A) any method to effect cleaning the intake manifold over time. or b) preventing or slowing the further build up soot.


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