My experience with glow plug issue

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cs in Alabama

Active Member
Feb 21, 2019
Truck Year
True that. Dealer called me on the emission crap to bring truck in. I asked if this has to do with the settlement and all that and they gave me the run around. I don’t understand why the dealer an hour from me shoots me straight and answers all my questions but my local dealer has to be a dick.
Unless you are getting paid for the flash I wouldn't do it. I would get the truck tuned though. Good luck!

Misfit Toys

New Member
Feb 18, 2019
Truck Year
Also haven't had an issue since changing #4. The others are imenant. My last post I was moving on to a coolant loss issue. A successful 3 way valve replacement and egr cooler delete later I am still adding coolant every fuel up. No puddles, oil is good. Dam turbo cooler hose I s'pose. Next step may be banks intake (?upgrade?) While I've got it off to access the hose. Thinking real hard about replacing gp's while im there. Short of lifting the cab to do turbo swap, is there anything else to look for while I'm in there? I'm moving this to the appropriate thread if I can figure that out. Love the milage, turned 140k today. I'd love to see 300k and rub it in my father n laws face.


New Member
Mar 13, 2018
Truck Year
I had the same problem. I put a small amount of carbon conductive grease on the glow plug pins and called it a day.