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New member


New Member
Mar 15, 2023
Truck Year
I’ve owned a 2014 eco ram since 2016 and a 2020 eco ram since the summer of 20’. My 2020 engine blew up in the fall of 22 due to oil pump failure. My 14’ blew up 2 weeks ago with a collapsed oil filter; not yet sure the root cause of failure.
I’ve put so much oil through the engine of the 14’ that I’m embarrassed to even admit dumping the oil every 2500 miles. I’ve run CJ-4 while it was at the top of the spec chart and I’ve run CK-4 as soon as it became available. The ACEA A3/B4 and ACEA E7/E9 haven’t been my number one priority of specs to follow considering they are European standards and I live in America. The API standards are what I adhere to.
Im currently in the process of proving maintenance records on the 14’. The truck is covered by a lifetime powertrain warranty and that company wants every receipt for oil changes or they are going to deny repair coverage.
Im wondering why there isn’t a class action suit against FCA over this VM Motori engine.
Anyways, that’s quite a way to introduce myself lol

TC Diesel

Well-Known Member
Jul 14, 2016
Truck Year
Eatsleep... As long as sites like 1500diesel.XXX continue to promote the handful of Illegally operated VM 3.0s and people believe those lies VM and Fiat will never see any Class action suits..... If you post your experience over there the mods will just attack you...If you want to Join the honor Club of being banned from 1500diesel.XXX you will join Myself and many others that have sold their VM products and benefited greatly.