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Rear Hellwig sway bar

Day Trippin

New Member
Jul 20, 2016
Truck Year
I ordered one of these a while ago and finally got around to putting it on this weekend and dialing it in.


It is an adjustable rear sway bar and definitely beefier than stock. It has 3 positions and I settled on the middle one, sort of like Goldilocks. Just by bolting this on, in the "weakest" position, significantly reduces the tendency for this truck to be an understeering pig.

While I can't say turn is now crisp, I can say it is far better than it was. I would have kept it on the most aggressive position but with my wife likely to drive the truck in the snow, I don't want to have to rely on the stability control all the time. So I went with the middle position and it really was a significant change.

Normally it would have been about a 15 minute job but it ended up being about 40 minute one thanks to one pain in the butt bolt. Take your metric toolset if you plan on doing it as well. Also double check the tightness of everything after you take a test drive too in case anything loosened up or you didn't tighten it enough the first time. They do supply some threadlock as well.

For the $200 or so invested it was well worth it. The truck is a lot more fun to drive. It feels like it shed a few hundred pounds up front as it no longer pushes through the turns. It is very close to neutral steering now on my truck.


Well-Known Member
Oct 18, 2015
Truck Year
I know this is a little older thread but: Added one of these myself also over the weekend. Truck does corner a little flatter through roundabouts, super easy to install. We will see if it is noticeable while towing my TT next week. Installed it in the middle hole.