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Remote start

has anyone had problems related to using remote start

  • has anyone had problems with heat using remote start

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  • has anyone had radio problems using remote start

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Sep 18, 2016
Truck Year
I have used my remote start most of the time which could bring on different glitches like for example no heat in cab motor is warmed up fan is blowing changed settings floor to vents to air condition back to heat but no heat and this was the coldest day of the winter minus 35 - 38 Celsius ask me if I was impressed.I was fit to be tied by the time I drove to a dealer in which they said you are the third customer today with the same problem, I am a snowmobiler for 40 years but I never froze as much as being in this truck, drove it in the garage they cycle through all the setting for heat and venting yup it's cold shut it off restarted it and guess what heat.The other day remote start the truck no sound coming from the radio shut it off turned it back on and there is sound obviously I didn't pay enough for this truck not impressed if it's going to have a different problem every time you use the remote start.


Aug 10, 2015
Truck Year
I use my Remote start everyday and (at least twice). Never had any issues. When its below 40F the seats, steering wheel and i belive defrost kick on. I usually warm up truck up to about 8 min when its cold (because it will shut off @ 10).
Always have heat. Now I noticed that once I put my key in and turn on, it will return to whatever setting I hd before I shut truck off.
Knowing this, if I expect to have to use defrost the next morning, I just will change it to that b4 I shut down. If I forget, I adjust accordingly....