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Scangauge II X-Gauge Options for EcoDiesel


Active Member
Nov 1, 2015
Truck Year
Scanguage is a great way to add monitors to your field of view. I finally got around to installing mine in the ED to monitor EGT, coolant temp and boost pressures.

Scangauge comes with a bunch of default OBDII gauges, but you can add more through their 'X-Gauge' system. Here is the list of Ram EcoDiesel specific X-Gauges.


Soot Mass Load ( %) 07E022508D C4620550368D 3010 000100410000 STM 4.22 Required
Fuel Rail Pressure (PSI) 07E02202A1 C32140000000 1808 001D00020000 FRP 4.22 Required
Distance since last Regeneration (Miles) 07E022D02A C46205D0362A 3810 000100100000 DSR 4.22 Required
VGT Actuator Commanded Position ( %) 07E022507B C4620550367B 3008 00270032FF9C ACP 4.22 Required
Total Number of Started Regenerations (Count) 07E0225089 C46205503689 3008 000100010000 TNR 4.22 Required
Intake Manifold Air Temperature (℉) 07E02270B8 C462057036B8 3010 0001001CFFD8 MAT 4.22 Required
Regeneration Active (On/Off) 07E02250AF C462255036AF 3601 000100010000 RGN 4.22 Required
Transmission Fluid Temperature (℉) 07E12208DF C462050836DF 3008 00090005FFD8 TFT 4.22 Required
Current Gear (#) 07E1223C22 C462053C3622 3008 000100010000 GER 4.22 Required
Exhaust Gas Temperature 1 (℉) 07DF0178 054106780000 3810 00090032FFD8 TRB Turbo Actual
Exhaust Gas Temperature 2 (℉) 07DF0178 054106780000 4808 09000032FFD8 DOC DOC Inlet
Exhaust Gas Temperature 3 (℉) 07DF0178 032100000000 2010 00090032FFD8 SCR SCR Inlet
Catalyst Temperature Bank 1 Sensor 1 (℉) 07DF013C 0441053C0000 2810 00090032FFD8 DPF DPF Inlet

This information is a re-posting of the Scangauge Website documentation located at: