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SFT is dishonest.

John Jensen

Well-Known Member
Mar 22, 2016
Truck Year
SFT is dishonest. Time to divulge.

A condensed history:
01 - I have strongly supported SFT since its beginning.
02 - I have used their ECU & TCU (Rally) tunes since 06/2019.
03 - My dealer completed the FCA W58 (tonewheel) flash.
04 - 6/9/21, I paid SFT $50.00 for their updated W58 tunes.
05 - I Received the SFT W58 update tunes. The ECU tune caused SCR (DEF) codes.
06 - 12/16/21, I received new SFT W58 update tunes that disabled the SCR (DEF).
07 - I asked SFT for W58 update tunes with the SCR intact. On 12-17-21, SFT
(Cris Ramirez) said it was no longer offered.
08 - Getting nowhere with SFT and wanting a tune with SCR intact, on 6/24/22
@ $1074.69 I ordered and installed MRT ECU & TCU tunes via EOC.
09 - Then a forum member reported that SFT does have W58 update tunes with SCR
10 - I questioned SFT (Cris Ramirez) about #07 vs #09 and he denied saying that, and
requested proof. So I sent him confirmation, the email where he did say that.
11 - 8-23-22, SFT (Cris Ramirez) said it was a misunderstanding and he would send
me the current tunes and needed my current tune data.
12 - 9-1-22, I sent SFT (Cris Ramirez) the requested data.
13 - 11/20-22, 2 1/2 months, and SFT has not sent the promised tunes. SFT does not
answer my emails or telephone calls.
SFT has apparently abandoned me as a customer.

SFT is proving to be dishonest and guilty of Breach of Contract.

Future SFT buyers and existing SFT customers - BEWARE!

I sent SFT a copy of this post
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