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Side Mirrors

Mr Reed

New Member
Aug 27, 2016
Truck Year
Ok, question.... I have the 2016 Ram Ecodiesel. Love it btw, but I really do miss the tow mirrors I had on my last ruck. Will the tow mirrors from a 2500 or 3500 fit onto the 1500? Currently, my mirrors are heated and the drivers has the light adjusting feature.


New Member
Oct 3, 2016
Truck Year
I have the tow mirrors on my 16, puddle lights, and turn signals. They came stock on it. I want to change over to the sport mirrors like you have, but everywhere I've looked and the three dealers in my area say it won't work. The tow mirrors from a 1500 will work about 90% of the time, some people have reported that when in the "moose ears" mode (mirrors tilted up) the adjustment for the mirrors is 90 degrees out. If your truck came with the motorized folding and you get tow mirrors that have the motorized folding, it may or may not work. But all the 1500 mirrors match up bolt wise. Make sure if you get the tow mirrors, you also get the backing plates, the tow mirrors are heavier. I bought a pair of sport mirrors to try out, will let everyone know the results.


Oct 2, 2016
Truck Year
I had a body shop make the swap from non-towing to towing on my '15 Larmie Limited. The VIN number I used to show him what I wanted came off a '16 Larmaie Limited 3500. Defroster, tilt, puddle light and power folding all work just fine.... I've also got the originals too...Drivers1.jpgPassenger1.jpg Passenger1.jpgDrivers1.jpg Passenger1.jpgDrivers2.jpg passenger2.jpgDrivers3.jpg Passenger3.jpg