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Some questions/comments on my 2016 ED


New Member
Aug 4, 2016
Truck Year
Hi all - this is my first post here. I'm the happy owner of a '16 4x4 ED purchased in August (manufactured late 2015) and it's my first Ram truck. Just hit 10K miles and wanted to report that I'm very pleased with it. I commute to work about 2-3 hours/day in some very heavy traffic and am getting 26-27MPG. It's been absolutely solid and a pleasure to drive.

A few weeks ago I took it to the dealer for its first service & the 5W-40 TSB and have some questions:

1) For several reasons I'm having doubts that the dealer actually replaced the oil with 5W-40 and performed the required TSB flash. Is there an easy way that I can check the version of the software to determine if it was updated?

2) After the service, a few times my truck's information display givers me an audible alert and then shows: "Front Smartsense Disabled - Rear Smartsense Disabled - Wiper sensor disabled" -- A second after that, it shows "Front Smartsense Enabled - Rear Smartsense Enabled..." It's almost as if the software detects some type of fault and then resets itself.

This has only happened after the service and it MIGHT be related to moisture (it happened once when I was getting the truck washed.) Has anyone seen this or provide any tips on what might trigger it?

Thanks for your help!


Oct 20, 2015
Truck Year
The parking sensors in my '15 do that when I wash it or sometimes in the rain or snow. The dealer had every reason to do the flash for the TSB since the tech gets paid by FCA to do it. Why doubt the oil change? They have to warranty that so why would they not do it?

R Stanley

Dec 22, 2016
Truck Year
My 16 does it when the sensors are dirty, or has snow, mud etc,, on them. When you take it in to get oil changed, ask in advance what they are using, and your receipt should say what they used, if you have doubts about the dealers, changing your own oil is the best way to know what is in your truck and it does not cost as much, just throwing an idea out there. Peace of mind is priceless.