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Urea shortage?


Active Member
Jan 5, 2020
Truck Year
I checked at WALMART last Friday & they had none, my local NAPA jobber had a pretty good stock the last time I lokked, I can run diluted DEF in my ECO, so not too worried, I'm more worried about the lube oil shortage.


Active Member
Oct 18, 2015
Truck Year
my local Fast Fuel and the Loves truck stop appear to have enough for my needs on tap. I run diluted with distilled water too!


Active Member
Dec 27, 2020
Truck Year
Yah been running about 1 jug of DEF to 2 gals of dist. for over a year now too. Just curious about everyone’s thoughts. I live in pa and doesn’t seem to be hard to find now. Thanks

TC Diesel

Well-Known Member
Jul 14, 2016
Truck Year
I been running that in all My DSL 2013-17, You need to be cautious on some 2017s for some trucks are equip with quality sensor trigger to 22% Urea all 2018s have the QS, so 1 Gallon DS to every 2.5 Gallons DEF is about 24% problem free, Thats a big drop that both the DEF pump/Injector life will be extended.


New Member
Aug 8, 2021
Truck Year
Sam's Club, Home Depot, and truck stops have plenty of DEF in stock...only the fool (Economic Ninja) on YouTube is spouting about. The real shortage is in Australia and Korea where they shut down their urea plants a few years ago because it was cheaper to purchase it from the Chinese. Now, they are paying the price. We have numerous urea plants in the U.S. and no shortage of the feedstocks.

I was at Sam's Club on Saturday and the had a full pallet on the floor and two more full pallets in the steel above. Home Depot have over sixty cases in stock and my local truck stop told me they have NEVER had an issue getting DEF and don't foresee any reason they would in the future.