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WARNING!!! Do not use any aftermarket fuel filters. Video showing failure Uploading.


Active Member
May 24, 2015
Truck Year
Not Listed
I am warning all owners if you have purchased any aftermarket fuel filters from any source anywhere to immediately today stop using them and change any installed filter to the OEM filter Immediately.
I have found multiple issues at only 15000 miles. It has bulged out, broke down, and is not filtering out anywhere under 8 microns.
I will be in contact with one of the owners who manufactures them and hopefully hell come up with a solution or a recall notice, but its up to them as im only a normal customer, I have no influence on them or any company.
Please don't say I told you so because these filters are everywhere and im just the only one who has a secondary fuel filter that can catch what the primary cannot. If it wasn't for the secondary fuel filter I would have never known how bad the aftermarket filter was.
I made a video about it and you can see all about it and the disassembly on my youtube channel moparecodiesel

Also there is a design flaw with the OEM mopar filter housing as well. I have identified it through the 14 fuel filters I have changed so far. I have a tutorial on how to properly install the fuel filter and change the oem filter.

This failure does not affect the aftermarket oil filter I use. It is fine.

shawn capson.


May 28, 2015
Truck Year
that is a pretty broad statement. im using factory fuel fitlers but none the less, I would hope a brand that you have experience failing could put us on the right track