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Wiring Light Bar & More Using AUX Switch Panel Upgrade


Active Member
Nov 1, 2015
Truck Year
During my VW days I spent considerable energy adding features and accessories using as factory/OEM as possible wiring. This meant using factory switches, factory relay panels, factory pins and wires etc.

Most of the truck accessory market makes use of rocker switches and toggles that owners are expected to drill into their dashboard or use some sort of tape to attach. I find this ugly and not acceptable.

My goal is to allow accessories to be added to my tradesman in the cleanest and most professional way possible. Luckily the appearance part of the interior switches has been solved by the 2500/3500 models that were available with an AUX power switch panel in the dash (same panel where the Tow/Haul Button is). This panel is PLUG AND PLAY in for factory equipment in the 1500 models. Unfortunately the factory switch doesn't send power, it sends signals to the CANBUS system, which in the factory option powers up a pin in an open connector under the hood.

Doing a bunch of research I found an owner who seemed technically competent and installed the AUX panel in his 2500. (See This Thread on CumminsForum) He discovered that the aux panel switch button uses a ground to send the engage signal. This is good news because the ground can be used to activate a relay, which will send the power to whatever it is needs to be powered up!

Here is my plan:
1) Find the right AUX panel for my equipment (See below parts list for options on that)
2) Source Factory Pins to add wires to the factory connector for the AUX switch panel.
3) Wire a relay panel and fuse box to take switch signal and send power.
4) Connect light bar to relay panel
5) Think of other cool stuff to add!

Made a quick wiring diagram of my plan so far. This includes all the wiring necessary for my light bar but nothing else yet so there are only 2 fuses in the block - one for the signal + and one for the bar itself.

Parts List So Far:
* AUX Panel - 68231816AD Mopar (Dealer)
This version has a button for parking sensors, which my truck doesn't have, trying to get the right panel still

* HELLA 4-Relay Box Kit
Uses factory type standard relays, sealed cover, comes with pins for wires.

* 6-Fuse & Positive Block Panel
Chose this because it has a + block, so I can share one + source to all the fuses, meaning I'm only running one wire to the fusebox from my 12V source. I need 4 fuses for my loads in the relay box plus one extra for the positive signal wire to the relays, meaning I'll have one fused location empty when I have the relay box full.
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