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ZF 8 Speed Fluid level... 1.5 liters down


Nov 6, 2022
Truck Year
Only 30K miles on my 2015 and my trans was acting like low fluid. Slipping in reverse, hard shifts and I got an incorrect gear code once. All much worse when the trans is cold. So I thought how could my fluid be low?...no leaks and 30K miles?

But I had my engine replaced, so I figured they disconnected the cooler, and lost some ATF.

In my driveway checked level in idle.. no drip from filler port. WIth trans temp above 30DegC, trans pan level, cycled the gears, kept at idle. Rigged up a hose and funnel and had my son pour, keep pouring, until fluid started flowing from the fill port.

All good now, great shifts and much more lively. I ran about 4K miles with low level only slipping in R a few occasions. I figure I should be OK.