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Recalls updated after having purchased it with egr recall on it and it had tested no issues now 4000 miles back on the new engine lost comm with active module a air shutters and that same dealer wants 2000$ to put a new module in it after they would have already had all the grill etc out of it to put in the engine the dealer sold me bag of crap compass insurance policy which says says active shutter is not a covered
Yeah I purchased a 2016 wit 42k on it thought that I had something good ran it out from no into Kentucky Indiana on a road trip 2365 mile trip at 29.9 mpg straight shot back on i70 than I took it back to dealer at 47 k and they serviced it and not long after the engine seized up so dealer has me tow it in to there KIA dealership and they send it to dodge dealer on warranty and I’m told I have a new motor with all the
Howdy: Q about 2016 Eco Diesel Dodge 1500. Got the 100% msg filter Warning & need a regen. Which External Monitor/Tuner to buy. Internet showed Edge CTS2, but wonder if suitable for the 2016? Which monitor/tuner should I buy? Truck is out of 5 year warranty, but only 86000 miles. Thanks
AlphaOBD is a popular choice around here :)
Just spent over $300 on my first oil change on my 2021 Ram eco diesel at the dealership. What are others doing for oil changes?
I buy rotella t6 for $22 a gallon and filter varies, $7.50 - $30+ depending on brand. If it wasn’t for waiting 30 mins for oil drain, It is a 1/2 hour job. So bout an hour total. One of the easiest trucks to do an oil change on. Keep receipts
OK, I buy the 2.5 gallon jugs, so $22.00 a gallon is about right then.
I bought the new 68507598AA Mopar ecodiesel oil filter for my 2021 RAM Ecodiesel. $37 on line. After market have exact same 11880. Dieselfilters.com or Walmart both have. $37-$43. Includes new canister with 2 new gaskets placed in correct location. Filter already in place and ready to go.

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Will the EDGE CST 2 force a Regen and does it come with box, instructions, and cord?
It will not do a stationary regen but you can activate it as your pulling out of driveway to regenerate during that drive cycle. I don’t have the box but have the cords and instructions.
Will get back to you later today. At work but I’ll hold it for you. Thanks
Sorry just got home. Email for PayPal is jpap2418@gmail.com send me your address and I’ll try to ship it out tomorrow if not Saturday. Thanks. Jason
Hi everyone, Have had my ecodiesel since 2014, periodically have my engine light come on after I refuel. Sometimes it goes off by itself but last time had to reset it, stayed off for a while, now back on. I suspect it is the plastic fill cap. ??????
What was the code, what did it tell you? That plastic "plug" was the first thing I eliminated, I ordered an aluminum fuel cap from AMAZON for about 8 bucks or so.
The tanks are shipped from the fuel tank supplier to the Assembly Plant with a green plastic cap installed. The factory removes this cap to add fuel and then reinstalls it. The dealers are instructed to remove and dispose (recycle) the caps.
On the way to work this morning and my eco diesel started to clatter, the engine light came on and the truck lost power and shut down. Gauges all showed good. The dealership called this afternoon and said the engine had locked up. They are requesting an engine replacement from Chrysler. The engine has 55,000 miles on it. Anyone else had this problem.
Are Bulletproof intercoolers good? Will ram pay for the replacement using one of them?
I doubt if RAM would pay it, from what I understand the bulletproof design is different and "not approved".
Well going to get rental car as dealer states still having fuel delivery problems and haven't put the injectors in yet. Plan to get more info when there and see just how far they have dug into it.
kcbsrep June 6,2020
I have a 2015 Eco diesel have had a couple of engine problems nothing major, My biggest item at 54,000 I had to have a new transmission installed went from 30mpg to 12mpg fast I was on vacation at the time limped home took 3 weeks for dodge to decide who would pay for trans dealer or home office. My dealer gave me a new 2020 ram to use the whole time.