2016 Limited Bigger Tires

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General Description

Tire rubbing Issues?

I ordered: Wheels - Fuel D561 Crush 20x9 5x139.7/5x150 +1mm. Tires - 33 X 12.5 R20 Toyo RT.

Doing the 1.5" leveling trick with the OEM air ride sensors.

Tires are only about an inch wider than stock, stock wheels are +19mm offset and Fuel wheels are +1mm offset.

Will eventually put the factory wheel/tires on the 1969 D100, with wheel adapters or drill the hubs to 5-5.5.
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Did the leveling trick, but the 33", 12.5 would still rub. Went with the Toyo 275 x 60 r20 a/t tires.
I like the leveling effect it was 1 3/8" raise to the front fender.
I have this truck (2015) just bought 2 weeks ago and the electronic throttle control censor, check engine light and a red lightning bolt came on today? The oil level is on the min line...what is this? We know it's due for an oil change even tho the sticker shows we still have 4000 miles to go?
I had the problem with the timing jump and nothing could or would be done until it totally let go, well it finally did and not a minute to soon I was 6000 miles from the warranty running out. Its been replaced and running better then ever love the truck
I have same issue but oil level is fine. Tried what manual sd , turn off truck and restart but did not help. My issue stared when 41 below. It was plugged in but still hard to start. Used command start ran several seconds and stalled. Had to go out and use key. Mine is 2016 big horn ecodiesel. Never had this issue before.

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