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Capri2200's 2014 Ecodiesel

General Description

2014 Ram EcoDiesel 4x4 Big Horn Crew Cab
3.0L VIMotori engine
8-Speed TorqueFlite Auto Trans 8HP70
Black Clear Coat Exterior Paint
Black / Diesel Gray Interior Colors
20x9 wheels
3.92 no slip rear end
towing kit w/trailer brake system
Front and Rear parking assist
Anti roll
Manual fold away tow mirrors
Premium cloth seats
Uconnect(R) 8.4A AM/FM/BT/ACCESS
Remote Start
Dual rear chrome tailpipe
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No kidding! I always wanted led cab lights, but like ball joints and struts, that's one job id pay a professional for. :) I pull engines and rebuild them, but I wouldn't do that. hehe.
A couple things, I wish snugtop would come up with a cap like that for the ramboxes, do you like the fit of your top? is it easy to set up and take down? and I noticed a thunderbird and mark 8, naughty ford guy. Ive worked on a few of them. my grandmas mark V and VII always went through rear airbags, my towncar never had any issues though. You have a great trim level though.Keep modding, its awesome to see things people do to their trucks to make them their own. Based on your pictures, you need to get mudflaps asap. :) keep it up.
Thanks for the compliments. I'll get on those mud flaps right away :)
The top came from Softopper.com and was installed with the help of my 12 year old son in about 15 minutes. I also have screens for the back window and up by the cab window. I have not installed them this summer, but looks easy enough to do.
In the bed I also have a heavy duty plastic tool box that I have changed to the bed and is easily removed with its own handle and wheels. Most of the time its filled with baseball equipment as I coach baseball locally.
The cab lights I did let a professional do. The gent that installed them at the dealership said that the kit made it very easy for him to install the lights. I think they should be standard equipment on a pickup.
Shawn, don't hold this against me, but I am really a Ford guy in disguise. I have owned Fords since I was 17 years old. When I got tired of the issues I was having with my 2005 Excursion (especially the 10 mpg) I decided to look at a smaller SUV which shed light that the smaller SUVs weren't that efficient either. Next, I started looking at pickups and decided that I was not going to get back into a heavy duty which then lead me to the 1/2 ton pickups. I also decided not to limit my decision to Ford. I remembered reading an article in late 2013 about the ecodiesel offering and when I saw one, I checked it out. Hence, the one sitting in my driveway :)
The Mark 8 I bought for my wife. It is a 96 and had only 74k miles on it. We plan to sell it as soon as I return home.
The Tbird is a 1996 Bill Elliott special. I am making the paint look much nicer by touching up the panels and polishing out the good clearcoat.
Just so you know, the tbird has a Condensator in it (an oil separator). The car has a 4.6 liter modular engine in it from which I drain about 4 to 5 ounce at each oil change. This car may go for sale too, however I really like it and appreciate a little race car like this for weekend drives. Baseball tends to interface with the weekend drives however.
There's a 69 mustang coupe in the garage that I've owned since 92, moved it twice, and still have not gotten back to. May become one of my sons' projects in the future.
Regarding the cab lights, I did consider getting an after market set that not only lit up while parking and driving, but also had rear diodes that were white that would come on when backing up. I forget the name of the manufacturer. Let me know if you are interested, I can try to find their website again.
yeah, the t-bird would be pretty cool with the modular, and I was a ford master tech most of my life. This is my first dodge ever. I never thought I would leave fords, but after hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs, I cant keep any ford running longer than a month, even brand new ones, multiple new ford trucks, my new ecoboost went through 4 transmissions before 30k, and two turbos, two sets of spark plugs and boots, one of the problems was the lack of water/oil separator. didn't know that then.
and ive been a die hard ford guy my whole life. mustangs and engine building was my passion.
I have made 1 million dollars in my lifetime, and I have nothing to show for it. ive made 800k in the past 8 years. I don't even own a house, I still rent.
I hate ford. I hate them. if this truck was available years ago, I could have a house paid for.

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