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Laramie Longhorn

General Description

15, ED 6'4 air suspension, cattle tan leather, prairie pearl with white gold, gold insert rims, BSW tires, sunroof, rear defrost, Nav, CD, undercoat, lifetime powertrain warranty, convenience group
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Thank you!
I was thinking last night that this would be the perfect place to put the cord for the block heater if I chose to add one. I'll wait to see how tough the winter is here in Ok before I go any further. Great minds think alike ;)
Aj that is actually a 20' retractable extension reel zip tied to the tow hook frame and with the terminals reversed. It works awesome. No fighting with frozen cords in and out of the truck all winter.
*didn't realize I had the photos with the mounting on here so you knew that already. Sorry.*
Yeah man, pretty truck! I like the cold weather guards in the bottom of the grille. Should take care of the gap where the shutters leave off. Good idea!
Makes my RAM look downright plain! I had to go by price though. Still, very happy!!
How much (if you don't mind my asking) was the lifetime power train warranty?
It was a dealer incentive, not related to fca at all. Dealership offers lifetime Warranty for powertrain as long as you stick to service intervals basically. Wilcox Chrysler in Forest Lake Mn

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