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Recent content by SuperTodd

  1. SuperTodd

    EcoDiesel T-Shirts?

    put me down for a xxl, N I'm fine with any color
  2. SuperTodd

    Rear diff oil

    I have looked at both vavoline and mobil synthetic rear axle fluid and they say for limited slip. Just wondering what limited slip additive I need to add?
  3. SuperTodd

    How many miles on your ecodiesel and have you had any problems?

    almost 19K on my 2015, no issues
  4. SuperTodd

    Rear axle fluid change

    I noticed the owners manual says if doing a lot of towing to change rear axle fluid at 24K or something similar to that. I'm almost at 19K, and was wondering what you guys recommend. (mileage wise) I have the limited slip/antispin rear end 3:55. I have looked at both vavoline and mobil synthetic...
  5. SuperTodd

    Front bumper piece?

    thanks for getting back, and the info
  6. SuperTodd

    Where to mount CB Antenna

    if you figure out a place post a pic, I would like to see
  7. SuperTodd

    Front bumper piece?

    StevenB, if you find anything please let me know.
  8. SuperTodd

    My EcoDiesel is awesome today because:

    just because it is awesome
  9. SuperTodd

    Towing a 6000 lb 23' Rogue Jet boat

    Hi salmonslayer, I assume you are in the NW? My personal boat is a 18' customweld viper 2, 4.3 v6, and johnson 15hp kicker
  10. SuperTodd

    Where to buy DEF fluid??

    I get mine from the pump at the local truck stop
  11. SuperTodd

    Stock wheel dimensions

    good info John- Thanks
  12. SuperTodd

    Towing a 6000 lb 23' Rogue Jet boat

    So last monday filled up in Medford OR and reset mpg and trip. From Medford to Grantspass averaged a hair over 30 mpg. I left Grants pass towing my buddies 23 ft RogueJet, jet boat/river sled. He said its about 6000 lbs. I drove up I-5 and near tigard cut across to astoria. I averaged about 15.4...
  13. SuperTodd

    EcoDiesel T-Shirts?

    any update on shirts?
  14. SuperTodd

    oil change yesteerday and I got the 5-40w

    I just read the service bulletin and it appears to be all ecodiesels
  15. SuperTodd

    oil change yesteerday and I got the 5-40w

    I knew about the service bulletin, and when I saw my invoice with 5-40 syn oil, I questioned it. the counter guy didn't know and called up the mechanic. The Mechanic said they had a service bulletin. My only concern the service Bulletin said 2016 models. Mine is a 2015, I hope this oil is ok...