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  1. SaskEcoDiesel

    Help - long post

    Last Feb, my battery died and my truck froze. The fuel gelled and cracked my fuel filter housing. It was gonna be weeks to get a replacement. So the shop recommended a FASS Fuel System. It ran amazing till July, then it stalled one day. Had it towed to the shop, they unhooked the fuel pressure...
  2. Ranjha

    Ram Eco Diesel 2018 outdoorsman

    Hi everyone I recently moved to brockville ON Canada 🇨🇦, and my Dodge Ram 2018 Eco Diesel after 65k ON it , all of sudden meter and service light 💡 came up with massage of Exhaust Filter is 100%Full Please suggest the best options available! Thanks 😍
  3. K

    Diesel additives

    I’ve tried searching around the forum and really couldn’t find much on my general question. Im curious what’s good to run in these EcoDiesels for getting water out or for keeping the diesel from gelling. It’s a cold night tonight (-36 C) and I’ve never ran any in my EcoDiesel because I’m not...
  4. William Wehlage

    Running out of fuel

    Folks. After installing the GDE Tune, I've been trying to get farther and farther on a tank of Fuel. Of course, running out of fuel in a diesel is much more complicated than with a gas engine. My question is, what specific restart procedures does an owner use if they run out of fuel in the...
  5. jdn112011

    Mopar fuel filters sale!

    Just found a great deal on our fuel filters! only $22 on sale! Cheapest I've found anywhere else was $36+ and the dealer is $40+ So everybody stock up now. :) http://www.dieselfiltersonline.com/images/products/138893.PNG