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Help - long post


New Member
Dec 1, 2017
Truck Year
Last Feb, my battery died and my truck froze. The fuel gelled and cracked my fuel filter housing. It was gonna be weeks to get a replacement. So the shop recommended a FASS Fuel System.

It ran amazing till July, then it stalled one day. Had it towed to the shop, they unhooked the fuel pressure line and reprimed the truck. They took out the system and reinstalled it saying there was fitting loose causing air to get in the system.

Drove fine till Nov. Then it began again, reprime system run great, they blamed it on the volume of fuel drawn by the FASS pump amd its starving the truck. The recommended fix was to remove the factory sending unit and pick up and install a sump kit that allows the tank to be driven completely dry never being able to starve the fuel system again. Sump kit installed.

Drove fine for 2 weeks then Dec 31 boom drive out-of the parking lot it dies...this time no fuel in the filter. Loosen the filter crank it over,air leaves system and fuel fills the filter truck runs.

The shop blames the FASS pump. So it sat in the shop from Dec 31 till Jan 17 while FASS send a new pump. I picked it up after 5 days of testing, shop says it's fixed. Drove 200kms parked in drive way plugged in block heater Jan 17.

Jan 20 - went to go start truck turns over no start. Unhook fuel line prime truck (very little fuel) crawl underneath truck there are a set of vice grips clamped on the fuel line from when truck was in the shop..drove it all Jan 17 with fuel line clamped (even pulled out a duramax from 20 yards in a field frozen to the snow bank). Remkved the vice grip truck started easy. Drove it all Jan 21, 22, 23, no issues.
Jan 24 truck sat plugged in.
Jan 25 went out to start it, no start, it will crank and chug (5 secs) but won't start. Popped fuel pressure line very little pressure. Same issue no fuel, no start.

I am at a loss...prior to this FASS 255000kms no issues. Great reliable truck.

Any ideas? Help. Shop is at a loss...

There are no CEL or codes. The truck is fully deleted and Malone tuned for 125000 kms.
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