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  1. A

    Anyone ever deleted an ecodiesel with hp tuners?

    Has anyone deleted a 2015 ecodiesel with hp tuners? Just some questions I’ve got.
  2. R

    Looking for DPF

    Hello! I'm hoping someone has done a dpf delete, and has the dpf laying around for sale. Mine is plugged, and the dealer wants an arm and a leg for it. 2014 jeep Grand Cherokee, but dodge eco should fit also! Thanks.
  3. D

    Service Electronic Throttle Control - Limp Mode - DPF Full Dealer Service Required

    Can anybody definitively share with us what triggers the "Service Electronic Throttle Control?" Are there zero diesel techs on any of these forums? I realize it could be a list of things, but I have the SETC, which came on first, and derated the engine... about 3 hours and 150 miles...
  4. C

    DPF Soot level bouncing around

    hey everyone, driving on the highway today I noticed my scangauge show my soot levels all over the place I would say +-10% consistently. It seems to be trending closer to 65% now and hoping the truck will regen (I’m concerned it won’t). Anyone have any idea, plug connections to check? 2015 no...
  5. M

    DPF filter full - see dealer

    Was doing a small errand tonight getting ready for a road trip tomorrow. Drove about a mile to my "toy shed" and saw a message "Need Regerneration - drive at Highway speeds..." Shut down to unload a few things from the back bed, then restarted the engine. Now get a message "Exhaust Filter 100%...