Service Electronic Throttle Control - Limp Mode - DPF Full Dealer Service Required

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New Member
Feb 5, 2019
Truck Year
Can anybody definitively share with us what triggers the "Service Electronic Throttle Control?"

Are there zero diesel techs on any of these forums?

I realize it could be a list of things, but I have the SETC, which came on first, and derated the engine... about 3 hours and 150 miles later, the Exhaust Filter 100% Full Dealer Service Required came up. No 80%/90%/drive at highway speeds.... no other warnings. At the time, I did not have my scanner with me, nor did I have any other monitor on the vehicle at the time. I was 250 miles from home and it was cold outside. When I got home (to my heated garage), I let the truck warm up to 60 degrees overnight. Then I used my scanner to read and attempt to clear the codes. There were two codes at that time:
  • P0299 - Turbocharger / Supercharger Underboost (was this causing or was it because of the derated situation due to SETC?)
  • P2463 - Diesel Particulate Filter Restriction - Soot Accumulation (this came on after it was derated for 150 miles)
My scanner cleared the P0299 code, but could not eliminate the P2463... soon as the vehicle started it came right back.

Next was to take the truck to my local dealer. I found out that their diesel tech (yes, that is singular) would be in Hawaii for 10 days. At that point it turned into a discussion with the service writer and it was decided that there was nothing they could do... travel about 30 miles in three different directions and maybe another dealer could help me out. I left.

I ordered the Edge Insight CTS2 and installed as soon as I updated it. After being frustrated with Edge not being able to do the mobile regen, I turned my attention to a couple other things. Could it be the MAP sensor? MAF? Air filter? Oil itself? Oil filter? Fuel filter? The truck was in -12 F for a couple nights before this happened. But when I got home, I started the truck at 60 degrees, so diesel fuel gelling should not have been an issue. Icing in the intake or turbo should have been mitigated with the warmup in the garage, too.

A week goes by... I end up back at my dealer asking questions and finding out about MAP and MAF sensors and their cost/availability. Then I get the attention of the head service manager and ask about the diesel tech's whereabouts. He is not back until next Monday. When can he look at my truck then? Answer = two Fridays from now ---- or in my eyes, this is getting out of hand. Well, then the service writer I talked to originally says they can scan it and see if there is anything showing up.

They scanned it. No codes other than the DPF [soot level] being full. There is no 'code' for SETC, but there it is on the EVIC. I asked them to verify the PCM was up to date. They said it is current. Then the service writer says they can do a forced regen for $120. Sounds pretty fair from what I have read on these forums. Sure, go for it! Let's clean this thing out.

90+ minutes later, I notice my truck is inside. Apparently they found an Airbag update for the passenger side was a recall item, but just a computer correction to update that issue. That is why it the truck was inside, I was told by the service writer that they ran the forced/park regen twice, but it was still at 347% full ------ WAIT a second, how does one fill anything to 3.5X its limit?? And why did running the WITECH regen cycle twice do nothing at all?

Now I am thinking they are going to charge me $240 for the two regen cycles and truck still the same. Come to find out, when the tech wrote his notes in the computer, he said that the regen was not able to be run, but no explanation as to why not or how to solve either issue. At least the service writer 'did me a favor' and I walked out only paying $85.

I have since called Edge. The Edge CTS2 will not do a mobile regen once the EVIC says "Dealer Service Required." Can they explain why my Edge reads 0% Soot (which I have been told is also not possible -- from Edge directly -- it does not detect anything until 60%, or so I am told)... while the WITECH reads 347%?
See image below. I hear that the RegenDist PID does not work any more with the updated software, even though I am running a 2015 ecodiesel.


I asked Edge where the CTS2 gets the Soot level from... The answer was 'from the PCM.' Okay, but that really does not help me diagnose the problem. Is it back pressure (what sensor is detecting that?), is it intake pressure (MAP?), is it MAF from the air intake, or a differential between the two? Is it between the upstream and downstream sensors before and after the DPF? I think those are only temp sensors, though... and you can see from the Edge, I am getting realistic readings from all 4 sensors. I am also getting some boost, and the P0299 Underboost code has not been around since the day after it happened and I cleared the codes again.

I am still at a loss. I have since done an oil change and removed and cleaned the MAP sensor (yes it was ugly and crusty, but it cleaned up after soaking [just the part past the o-ring] for 20-30 minutes in some MAF sensor cleaner and a soft brush. I tried the old 'disconnect the battery and reset everything option' with no effect. I will be changing the fuel filter later today, but I have driven this for almost 2 weeks since it started and nothing has changed other than the "Turbo Underboost" code is gone. I have gotten good at feathering my shift points to accelerate with the derated mode, but it is miserable. FYI, fuel economy is not terrible, either. Of course, I have no power to use the fuel anyway.

Anybody else ever had a dealer say that the WITECH could not run a regen?
I am pretty sure my local dealer is suffering to find good help, but it sounds like it is pretty common that we end up knowing more about our trucks than most of the dealerships.

Any recommendations?

I am 'out of warranty' at 115,000 miles and getting shafted on the extended warranty transfer from the previous owner to me (this was Mopar/MaxCare's fault -- but that is for another thread someday). And waiting for the emissions extended warranty whenever this settlement gets finalized, seems like a poor option to me. Deleting and Tuning with GDE is definitely my preference if it comes to paying for a new DPF and labor to diagnose and replace everything.


New Member
Feb 5, 2019
Truck Year
Follow up message.

I changed the fuel filter. No change to my situation. Filter looked relatively great for ~10,000 miles in 8 weeks.

Now I am wondering if it might be the AAT (ambient air temperature sensor). My AAT through the Edge CTS2 is saying ~70 degrees when my garage is about 50 degrees, engine cold. Then it went up to 107 while I was out driving the truck after the fuel filter change last night. I have no problems with my EVIC outside air temp or my HVAC.

This cannot be the temp sensor in the driver side mirror, right?

Where is the ambient air temperature sensor for the PCM? NOT the intake manifold sensor or the intake sensor, either. The Edge gives me those temps and they are fine... but my thinking is that the discrepancy between the three of them is too great. Maybe that is causing the derated / limp mode?

Description from the Edge CTS2 monitor for AAT PID:

It is about 8-10 degrees outside -- EVIC is correct:


AAT says 107 degrees F, yet IMAT is 18 and IAT is 15 and the EGTs all seem nominal:


Active Member
Nov 13, 2015
Soot Loading Strategy (Quoted from GDE)

The ECU runs two different strategies in parallel and takes the higher of the two outputs to determine the current soot loading:

Strategy 1 is a simulated value, and is calculated according to how complete the previous regeneration was, and how the engine/vehicle has been operating since then (engine speed, load, ambient conditions, exhaust temps, etc). Different OEMs design different variations of such a strategy, but for the most part the high level concepts are similar. The strategy employed by the Ram's stock tune is fairly rudimentary.

Strategy 2 is a physically measured value calculated off of measured pressure drop across the DPF, the DPF temperature, and the known flow rate of exhaust gasses.

The soot loading is used to trigger the regeneration when all the correct criteria are met.
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New Member
Feb 5, 2019
Truck Year
John, thank you for the information. I like knowing more and more about these machines... especially when mine is in need of more understanding at this time.

I stopped back to my local dealer and though Monday is a terrible morning to try to ask them a question, their diesel tech is supposedly back from Hawaii and I am sure he swamped. In a way, he has got to be as backed up as my DPF!

Asked the service adviser the question about the ambient air sensor. Is there a separate sensor for the PCM/engine than the EVIC/dash/HVAC? He ran out to the service bays and came back and just said, "No." I left with not the answer I was hoping for, but maybe it is the correct answer and there is nothing wrong with the sensor in the mirror. Maybe the temps I am getting on the Edge are from another location, totally unrelated to the service electronic throttle control.

I am now waiting for Ogden to wake up and get a call into Edge about their monitor and where this AAT reading comes from.

Otherwise, I have nothing more to go on at this time. No codes other than P2463.