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service electronic throttle control

  1. J

    Service electronic throttle control

    I have a 2019 ED that recently hit 164,000km on the odometer and last week in ontraio it was pretty cold (-35c) I started my truck to warm up every thing was fine until i got on the highway, then of courice the dreaded "service electronic throttle control" light came on and it wen into limp...
  2. TahoeEcoAnchor

    Crank but no start

    Hi all! New member and owner of a 2016 ram bighorn ED with 120k (as of feb-2022). Overall In the short time I’ve had it I’ve been pleased with the vehicle. Recently I became a student and victim of the apparently common lightning bolt, “service electronic throttle control”. I know there are many...
  3. G

    2015 Ecodiesel Throttle Control light

    I’m not going to go in to everything because this would be way too long. Anyways the check engine light came on and said the Theottle control needed to be serviced. This immediately caused loss of power and made it hard to crank. My truck had the recall done after the last extension and they...
  4. E

    Service electronic throttle. Long winded but hopefully it saves someone hours of forum reading for the same issue.

    So I got the dreaded "service electronic throttle control" message while on a family vacation 1000 miles from home. It initially happened pulled our boat out of the water. Out of habit I put my foot on the brake while accelerating due to the ramp being steep and having older vehicles before. The...
  5. E

    Massive billows of white smoke as truck went into limp mode

    I bought a one-owner, 2016 RAM 1500 Eco diesel w/34,800 miles on it a couple of months ago. Was loving the truck, until 10/11/19, fortunately only 26 miles from home at the start of a 900 mile trip, got odd engine sound, slight vibrations, high-rev/limp mode, white smoke pouring out from under...
  6. D

    Service Electronic Throttle Control - Limp Mode - DPF Full Dealer Service Required

    Can anybody definitively share with us what triggers the "Service Electronic Throttle Control?" Are there zero diesel techs on any of these forums? I realize it could be a list of things, but I have the SETC, which came on first, and derated the engine... about 3 hours and 150 miles...